Research and Development

Vice Chancellor Note

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Umar (Sitara-e-Imtiaz)
Vice Chancellor Rawalpindi Medical University & Allied Hospitals

As a Vice Chancellor of Rawalpindi Medical University, the mere realization that RMU IS STRIVING HARD TO TAKE LEAD in public sector institutions for academic excellence, research and innovation gives me immense pride. Rawalpindi Medical University has taken the initiative of establishing state of the art research unit and development of Research curricula, research planer, and research guide for university residents in harmony with latest global advancement in medical training. Our aim is to create a centre of excellence for future endeavoursfor innovations in research and medical educationhaving the strong impact on health care service delivery and national health. Our mission is to promote evidence based practices and professionalism for agreater good for humanity

Research Mission


Truth is the bedrock of all scientific inquiry. Our primary duty is to uncover and disseminate truth which may be a challenging endeavour. This commitment ensures integrity of scientific research. Keeping truth as a priority ,we contribute to research which is reliable, replicable and actionable, thus laying the foundation of research and innovation


Wisdom transcends knowledge. Wisdom implies judicious application of research. It requires multidisciplinary approach and insight for anticipating and resolving various clinical challenges


Service is the ultimate expression of research utilised for betterment of humanity. Researchers translate their findings into practical solutions. It also contributes to develop new interventions and policies to address real world issues. Mentoring the next generation of scholars to enhance scientific literacy and enhancing societal progress is the ultimate sublime aim

Our Team

Prof. Bushra Khaar

Prof. Shagufta Sial

Dr. Farah Parvaiz

Dr. Sara Rafi

Dr. Haq Nawaz

Dr. bdul Qudoos


Muhammad Jabbir

Muhammad Imran

1Dr Farah PervaizAssistant Professor (Additional Director R&D)MSPH, PhD Fellow
2Dr Haq NawazAssistant Professor (Coordinator R&D)PhD
3Dr Sara RafiSenior DemonstratorFCPS
4Dr Abdul QudoosSenior DemonstratorMPH

Plan for MS/MD research 2019-2022

Research Model RMU

Research Model of Rawalpindi Medical University aspires to establish

itself as a premier institutional model for innovative research training and evidence based patient care with prominence among peer institutions.The strategic research goals of RMU constitute of establishment and maintenance of Self Sustainable Model for high impact institutional research.

Research Unit of RMU

The Research Unit of Rawalpindi Medical university was first established in February 2014. It was initially located at liver centre of Holy Family Hospital but in December 2015, then it was shifted to Department of Medical Education, New teaching Block of RMU. At present it is situated in a completely renovated purposed built unit within the main campus of RMU where it was inaugurated on 10th March 2021. The core team of the research unit comprises of the director research, the additional and assistant directors, statistical expert and concerned IT staff. Together, this team facilitates research activities at all levels of the university be-it under graduate, post graduate, residents, visitors, all faculty members and international collaborative research projects. Research Unit is carrying out all the following research related activities:

  • Administration of all research related activities of Rawalpindi Medical University and Allied Hospitals.
  • Facilitation and guidance of undergraduates, post graduate trainees ,university residents and faculty of RMU regarding Health Systems Research e.g. research proposal formulation, basic and advanced research methodologies, data entry, analysis& interpretation and manuscript writing.
  • At the research unit, individual and group consultations regarding topic selection, literature search, referencing system, plagiarism detection, research proposal formulation, study methods and materials, sample size calculation, sampling technique, selection of study variables, data collection tools, data collection techniques, pretesting, pilot study, data entry & analysis, manuscript writing etc are provided. Free of cost individual or groups counselling and assistance is being provided to all undergraduates, post graduate trainees, faculty and even visitor researchers of RMU.
  • Research Unit also provides facilitation to visitor researchers and collaborative researchers of RMU through (ORIC) THE OFFICE OF RESEARCH INOVATION AND COMMERCIALIZATION., to present at IRF and conduct studies at RMU and Allied hospitals, along with progress monitoring by ORIC team.
  • Research workshops and training courses are regularly conducted by Research Unit.

Institutional Research Forum/Ethical Review Board

The Institutional Research Forum of RMU was established by Prof Muhammad Umar, the Vice Chancellor of RMU. Since January 2014 all the research activities of RMU and Allied Hospitals and collaborative research is being facilitated.

Institutional Research Forum meeting is held every month to oversee various aspects of research related activities, their quality assurance, ethical approval and appraisal of all the research studies of all cadres and department of RMU. Any researched intended to conduct research project or data collection at our RMU and Allied Hospitals have to get approval from IRF of RMU.


VC Prof. Muhammad Umar


Prof. Hamama-Tul-BushraKhaar


Prof. Shagufta Sial


Prof. Shagufta Sial


Prof. Jahangir Sarwar Khan


Prof. Syed Irfan Ahmed


Prof. Mohammad Khurram


Prof. Naeem Akhtar


Prof. Syed Arshad Sabir


Prof. Asad Tameezuddin


Dr. Faiza Aslam


Dr. Ahmed Hassan Ashfaq


Dr. Hina Mehmood


Dr. Abdul Qudoos


Dr. Shazia Zeb

Liaison Officer IREF (Dy.Dir DME)

Dr. Uzma Hayat

Research Coordinator

Mr. Usman Khalil

Member( community rep)

Mr. Mohammad Tariq

Member legal

Mr.Aamir Afzal


The standard procedure is as follows:

  1. The resident has to download the relevant Research Application Performa from the official website of RMU ( forums/downloads/Research Application Performa for Post Graduate Trainees of RMU)
  2. After filling it in electronically and after endorsement by supervisor/Head of department/resident, five copies along with research proposal, data collection tool and research supervisory certificate (sample attached in appendix) should be submitted at research unit of RMU, as per time line given in relevant pathway.
  3. Then applicants had to make a five minutes presentation on PowerPoint and present at the monthly meeting of ethical review board (IRF) for approval that is held every month.
  4. After approval from ethical review board, the synopsis presented to the BASR (Board of Advance Studies and Research).
  5. It is mandatory that the synopsis is approved from the BASR before start of data collection and thesis.
  6. Approval of IRB Letter of sample is attached in the appendix.

RMU Research Guide(RG)