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Research Grant Management Office RMU

This paper proposes the establishment of a Research Grant Management Office (RGMO) at Rawalpindi Medical University (RMU).
It outlines the rationale, functions, structure and governance arrangements of the proposed ‘RMU RGMO’ and offers a roadmap and a timeline to establish the office.

Name of the Dept

To lead RMU to be the most innovative medical university by promoting world-class medical research and creative research activities that will improve our health care system and social advancement
Transforming RMU to drive high impact innovation, applied research & entrepreneurship


Functions of the RMU RGMO

Functions of the RMU RGMO


RGMO was inaugurated on 1st November 2022

From University of York

Prof. Simon Glibody

Prof. Najma Siddiqi

Prof. Kamran Siddiqi

From Rawalpindi Medical University

Prof. Muhammad Umar,VC

RMU RGMO Proposal Paper July 2022

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