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Research Unit of Rawalpindi Medical Univeristy was established in February 2014. It is located in Medical Education Department, New teaching Block of RMU. Dr Faiza Aslam, Research Coordinator of RMURMU and Allied hospitals is in charge of Research Unit. The Research Unit carries out all the research related activities including facilitation and individual counseling of undergraduates, post graduate trainees and faculty of RMU regarding Health Systems Research, proposal formulation, basic and advanced research methodologies, data entry and analysis and manuscript writing.


Any individual (students, faculty members or doctors of either RMU or those belonging to any other institution) interested in conducting research or data collection phase at RMU or any of its Allied Hospitals (Benazir Bhutto Hospital, Holy Family Hospital or District Head Quarters Hospital) must get approval by Institutional Research Forum of RMU. The standard procedure is as follows:


At the research unit, individual and group counseling regarding all the research related activities including topic selection, literature search, referencing system, plagiarism detection, proposal formulation, study methods and materials, sample size calculation, selection of study variables, data collection tools, techniques, pretesting, data entry, analysis, manuscript writing etc is provided. Free of cost counseling and assistance is provided to all undergraduates, post graduate trainees, and faculty and visitor researchers of RMU. The research unit provides consultations on Mondays and Thursdays of every week.
Research Coordinator conducts following Research Methodology Workshops for the undergraduates and faculty members of RMU.
Basic Research Methodology Workshop: A two days course regarding basic concepts of research methodologies and provision of hands on experience of research proposal formulation, literature search and plagiarism checking procedure, types of variables, data collection tool development, plan for data entry and analysis procedure, work plan and budgeting and plan for manuscript writing.

Advanced Research Methodology Workshop

Literature Review Workshop

Research Proposal development Workshop




Residents Research forum has been a vision I’ve held for long now and to see it finally materialize has been a source of limitless pride and delight to me. There is little more pleasing for a mentor then to see his pupils and juniors strive to Excel and compete to be at par with the world at large. At Rawalpindi Medical University we are fervently committed to grooming our residents to the best possible international standards to produce top tier professionals. Research is undeniably a need of the hour being instrumental to the very life of a good health care system. It is imperative for our country to harbor and foster a drive and duty to it. The world of medicine and healthcare is evolving at a relentless pace and the Doctor of today must be trained and educated accordingly. Beginnings are always tough at first and introducing a new system and culture of thought and directives tougher. However, to find multiple like-minded individuals who made the inception of the forum possible has been a relief and repose for me. Together, I believe Rawalpindi Medical University is on the brink of a new precedent of the current medical terrain. With the grace of God almighty and a vision rooted in noble and necessary aspirations, I hope to see all our residents be a part of the forum and work together for its agenda and resolution
Professor Muhammad Umar
Vice Chancellor RMU
It’s so heartening to see my students transforming into a professional researcher. As you are aware that the only way to go ahead in any field is research, unfortunately, we as a nation have neglected this important aspect of development. Whatever research is done, most of it lacks international standards and is usually done for fulfilling requirements for promotions. It’s a bitter reality that we follow developed countries for our problems. All the literature is full of Data from developed countries and we just follow them, instead of using our own data and proposing a solution which may be better for local conditions. It is high time to realize the importance of research and documentation. I am very optimistic that under the leadership of our VC our Researchers will prove they are among the most talented scholars in the world.
Dr. Naeem Zia
Head of Department Surgical Unit 1
Benazir Bhutto Hospital
Research is pivotal to today’s dynamic world of medicine. It is important to find out which treatment works better for patients.RRF is a footstep towards prevailing the culture of research in our institutions in order to better understand the disease process ,to find out better solutions ,to answer to the things that are unknown and to change the professional approach in the best interest of patients and healthcare community.
Dr Ayesha Masood
President RRF

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