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Department of Physiology RMU

Welcome to the Department of Physiology at Rawalpindi Medical University. As the Head of the Department, I am proud to lead a team dedicated to excellence in teaching, research, and clinical applications of physiological sciences. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the functions of the human body, essential for medical practice

We offer state-of-the-art facilities, a robust curriculum, and a collaborative environment to foster critical thinking and scientific discovery. Join us in exploring the dynamic field of physiology and its vital role in advancing healthcare

dr samia

Dr Samia sarwar

Head of Department

Department of Physiology

Meet OUR Team

1Dr. Samia SarwarProfessor & HeadMBBS, FCPS
2Dr. Faizania ShabbirAssociate ProfessorMBBS, FCPS
3Dr. Sidra HamidAssistant ProfessorMBBS, FCPS
4Dr. Sheena TariqAPWMOMBBS
5Dr. Shazia NosheenAPWMOMBBS
6Dr. Kamil TahirSenior DemonstratorMBBS
7Dr. Aneela YasminSenior DemonstratorMBBS
8Dr. Fareed UllahSenior DemonstratorMBBS
9Dr. Uzma KianiSenior DemonstratorMBBS
10Dr. Fahd AnwarDemonstratorMBBS
11Dr.Nazia MumtazDemonstratorMBBS
12Dr.Jawad Hassan KhanDemonstratorMBBS
13Dr. Farah Ali ShahDemonstratorMBBS


Postgraduate Programs

List of Researchers


  • Prof. Dr. Samia Sarawar
  • Dr. Faizania Shabbir
  • Dr. Sidra Hamid
  • Prof. Dr. Samia Sarwar
  • Dr. Faizania Shabbir
  • Dr. Sidra Hamid


Sr.NoTitleResearcher NameLink of Project / ActivityYear
1Measurement of Body Mass Index (BMI) and its association with different levels of Physical Activity among Second Year MBBS students – A Cross-Sectional StudyDr.Sidra Hamid Prof.Samia SarwarSubmitted for Publication2024
2Evaluation of Nurses’ Knowledge and Practices Regarding Tracheostomy Care: An Analytical Cross-sectional studyDr.Sidra Hamid Prof.Samia SarwarSubmitted for Publication2023
3Oral Hygiene trends among medical students of RMU.Dr.Sidra Hamid Prof.Samia SarwarIn pipeline 2024
4Prevalence of diabetes and Its Association with Socio-demographic Factors among Family Members of Second Year MBBS students at Rawalpindi Medical UniversityDr.Romesa Dr.Sidra HamidSubmitted for Publication2024