Alumni Societies

A number of projects have been financed by our Alumni from around the globe lately including

  • Establishment of Burn Centre – 2008

Initial Funding Rs. 40 million

  • Dialysis Unit – 2013

Funding of Rs. 12 million

  • Establishment of Rawalian Research Unit – 2019

Rs. 10 million (Pledged by RMCAANA)

  • Medical Emergency Foundation Program

Rs. 4 million (Pledged by Alumni)

  • Primary Physician Training Certificate Course

Rs. 2 million (Pledged by Canadian Alumni)

  • Construction of Attendants Waiting Area at Benazir Bhutto Hospital Rs. 0.1 million
  • Financial Support & other Philanthropist Contributions

RMC Alumni Association UK: Rs. 1 million provided, Rs.0.5 million pledged.

Local Alumni: Rs. 1 million

Rawalian Girls School – 5 million (RMCAANA)

150 Rawalian Homes at Darya Khan, Bhakkar during floods – Rs.20 million (RMCAANA)