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Welcome to RMU

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Green Valley School. It is a great privilege to be the Head Master of such a thriving school community where high aspirations and a caring family ethos are at the heart of what we do.

Awards & Achievements

Esteemed VC has been recognized through lifetime achievement awards, university awards, and highly cited papers, as well as numerous teaching awards.

Awards & Achievements

Esteemed VC has been recognized through lifetime achievement awards, university awards, and highly cited papers, as well as numerous teaching awards.

Impact Ranking University

Thyroid Cancer Management

Presented by Surg Gen/DGMS (IS)

Patron in Chief RCAP 2021

Presented by DHQ

Good morning from Weekly GI OPD Clinic

30/12/22 8:30 am

BBH Emergency Night Round

CPC clinical pathological conference

BBH Emergency Round


01 Cleanliness improved

02 MS did morning round

03 Ortho Ward bed dusty

04 CMO not maintains Patient record on register

05 Minor OT cuboard need to more tidy

06 Lawns poorly maintained

OPD Weekly GI Clinic

9/12/22 8:20 am HFH

Secretary Health Visiting RIUT Rawalpindi

RMU Development

BBH Emergency Round


01 Duty screen working

02 Gen cleanliness poor

03 Toilet dirty

04 Gynae Ward beds & Cupboard dirty

05 Gynae SR present & case notes good

06 CMO room monitor not working properly

Good after noon from CLD ,Jaundice with CBD stone

26/11/22 8:15 am


26/11/22 8:15 am

Science & Technology Ministry Team for nervy efficiency & conservation to formulate Green University Program for RMU

26/11/22 8:15 am

BBH Emergency Round Arrangement for Medical cover long March

26/11/22 8:15 am

Night visit to Field Hospital RIUT for long March cover

RMU News

ISO Certification RMU

RMU News

Infrastructure Development

RMU News

Diploma Program

RMU News

DHQ Emergency Round

01 General cleanliness fair

02 Staff present

03 Maintainess of Equipment very poor

04 defiberlator dirty

05 Stretchers dirty

06 ER doctors Entry register missing

07 Trolley need Paint

08 Surgery patient well managed

09 N . Surgery patient Slip missing

Clean & Green Initiative

RMU News

Benazir Bhutto Hospital Round

15/7/21 7:55 am

Visit of UNICEF team to Reseach Unit of RMU

Golf Course Orelando USA


My OPD clinic today

18/6/21 8;20 am

QRIC RMU meeting gave approval to Reseach Funding policy

Education &planning workshop participants This is part of RMU faculty Development Programg of residents by special efforts of Prof Muhammad Hanif

Worthy Vice Chancellor Professor Muhammad Umar inaugurated Surgical Skills lab at Surgical Unit, BBH today which has been established for teaching and training of residents by special efforts of Prof Muhammad Hanif

RIU Round

31/3/21 10 pm

HFH COVID Counter 80 patients in last 24 hrs


BBH Round

29/3/21 11:30 am

RIUT Round

30/3/21 9 am

6th March 2021 Board of Faculy of Medicine RMU Meeting to approve University Residency Program

DHQ Round Observations

30/3/21 9 am
01  COVID Ward need more ventilation & lights in corridor
02 dengue counter functional
03  Civil work need to be fasten , pl write letter to SE & arrange meeting with me also
04 Lawns are dirty
05 Fans & ACs need Service regards prof umar

RMU team work 24/7 Foreign experts on sports & International Coordinator Dr Nadeem Afraz site visit of RMU sport complex on Sunday

28/3/21 1:00 pm

2"TWIN CITY UNIVERSITIES BREAST CANCER AWARENESS AND SCREENING FORUM" Online interactive session with faculty of ALLAMA IQBAL OPEN UNIVERSITY (AIOU). Vice chancellors of Quaid-e-Azam University, Allama Iqbal open university, Tamir-i-Millat University, Fatima Jinnah Women University and Rawalpindi Medical University also joined session and gave their valuable comments.

Deans meeting RMU

Prof Mohammad Umar Vice Chancellor getting Vaccination for COVID 19 Third Surge of COVID 19 is increasing please get Vaccinated at earliest

Alhamadolillah work started on RMU sport complex


Research project meeting of Dirctor ORIC prof Asad & Turkish prof on Recenerative Medicine / Stem cell Transplant With RMU

New initiative by RMU : Improving /Upgrading Nursing Training program ; in Rawalpindi Division under the direction of worthy Minister Health A meeting was chaired by Prof mohammad Umar VC attended by principal CON DHQ RWP , Attock , Jehlum & Chakwal in RMU. A committee is formulated to coordinate

01  up gradation of Infrastructure
02 Curriculum review
03 Faculty sharing
04 Standard PC 1 ? This will boost the Health Care Delivery System in RWP Division RMU is also submitting a PC1 of upgrading CON HolyFamily Hospital to Institute Of Nursing & affiliate other nursing institutions regards prof Umar

Inauguration of Research Cell in RMU &Vision 2021

RIU Round

28/12/20 8:20 am

RMU development 24/7


RMU office


DHQ Round

21/12/20 9:05 am

RIUT Round

21/12/20 8:20 am

2nd RMU Faculty Research Conference 2020

HFH COVID Ward Round

12/12/20 9 am

Winter in RMU

Prof Muhammad Umar for starting this global e learning. It was a very good and high class presentation by Prof David. Congratulations to whole team Prof Jahangir Sarwar , Dr Javairia , Dr. Ahmed Hasan and whole team. It is a great to see 13 universities on one platform.

Pro VC people university Nawabshah Sindh & team signing MOU between two universities to share the university Residency programs & Reseach Collaboration

RIUT morning round

12/12/20 9 am