Office of Research, Innovation & Commercialization (ORIC) is operational at the Rawalpindi Medical University. ORIC is established at the University in July 2019 as per guidelines of the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Islamabad for all Universities/DAIs of Pakistan to establish “Offices of Research, Innovation & Commercialization (ORIC)”. 
Office of Research, Innovation & Commercialization (ORIC) provides end to end services for all matters pertaining to research & development, innovation, Inventions, commercialization, patents, collaborations, arranging seminars/  symposium/ conferences/ workshops, etc and/or research publication honorarium. By and large Office of Research, Innovation & Commercialization (ORIC) is the focal point for all research related activities of the University. ORIC facilitates the University researchers (faculty members and scholars) to promote their research work both nationally and internationally. 
Research excellence in all fields of study is central to the mission of Rawalpindi Medical University and a pinnacle priority for the department of research, as the key elements to the success of the university’s that need to be preserved. As technologies have grown more sophisticated and emerging industries have become more high-tech, Universities have become more important players in the process of invention, innovation and commercialization. Universities have become more entrepreneurial and look towards technology transfer into non-traditional fields, there is a need for alternative conceptualization of technology transfer that are more accurate and realistic than the traditional linear model.

Transforming Rawalpindi Medical University to drive high impact innovation, applied research and entrepreneurship
Develop, expand and manage the research programs and link research activities to the educational, social and economic priorities of the university and its broader community. 
ORIC-RMU is also responsible for assuring that the quality of research reflects the highest international standards and advances the stature of the university among the world’s best research institutions.
Also to emphasize rigorous research fundamentals while stimulating innovation and providing talented students and faculty with the high standard research facilities in RMU, necessary to achieve excellence in bio medical research to contribute toward best care for our individuals and communities, embraces the challenges of health disparities and improve health care system up to international standards.

The office’s vision is to enable and lead RMU to a To be the best medical university by promoting world-class bio medical research and creative research activities that develop knowledge based economy depending upon innovation and entrepreneurship which contributes to improve the health care system and social advancement for the people of Pakistan and benefit humanity as a whole with a standard of excellence.


  • Prof. Dr Naeem Akhtar, (PhD Microbiology Sheffield UK) Dean Basic Sciences, Director ORIC
  • Dr. Shrieen Rafiq, (M. Phil, PhD Micro) Manager Research Operations & Development
  • Dr. Amna Noor, (PhD) Manager Operations
  • Dr. Arslan Manzoor Mughal, (MCPS, M. Phil)Publication Specialist Assistant Professor of Anatomy
  • Dr. Syed Muhammad Ali, Manager Industrial Linkages, Demonstrator Pathology
  • Dr. Abid Hassan, Manager Legal Services, Senior Demonstrator Pathology
  • Dr. Ifra Saeed, (M. Phil) Associate Professor of Anatomy (Research Associate).
  • Dr. Saima Ambreen, (FCPS, Dip in Med Edu.) Associate Professor of Medicine (Research Associate)
  • Dr. Sidra Hamid, (FCPS) Assistant Professor of Physiology (Research Associate).
  • Dr. Rizwana Shahid, (FCPS, MHPE) Assistant Professor Community Medicine (Research Associate).
  • Dr. Najia Mehmood, (MCPS, FCPS) Senior registrar Medicine (Research Associate).
  • Dr. Osama, PGT Nephrology (Research Associate). 
  • Mr. Kashif Zaheer (M. Phil PhD) Budget & Account officer


Diagnostic / Research Laboratory at Rawalpindi Medical University and Allied Hospitals services include training on all quipments, guidance on experimental design and technician-assisted in all equipments operation.


The Office of Research, Innovation & Commericalization (ORIC) aims to:

  • Manage and ehnance research activities in RMU which inculued acting as a secretaritat for the advanced studies and research board and ethical board
  • Develop research policies and priorities which include management, administration, supervision, monitoring and coordination of all research related activities and explore new themes of research and research agenda of RMU.
  • Work for fund raising and acquiring grants for research and development both nationally and internationally.
  • Supporting the university’s strategic research directions and plans
  • Promote capacity building activities within the RMU not only in the field of research but also in all disciplines
  • Mobilize faulty and resources to produce quality research papers.
  • Increasing and diversifying external research funding
  • Improving integration of research and education at all levels of the university.
  • Support and faculitate and student’s efforts to expand the area of human knowledge, creativity and forms of expression.

Fund raising for research

  • Provide information to faculty about various available research grants
  • Link faculty with relevant industry
  • Help and guide on patent filing and licensing
  • Interface between faculty and the commercial sector
  • Work with patent counsel to assess patentability/licensing
  • Evaluate markets for commercialization of inventions
  • Identify potential licensees
  • Negotiate terms of licenses
  • Assist with negotiating problematic sponsored research agreements
  • Help faculty start companies
  • Market analyses of university intellectual property
  • Data management
  • Administrative support


  • Manage and enhance the research activities of the university
  • Develop Research policies.
  • Work for fund raising for research and mobilize faculty, business community and industry for research commercialization.
  • Work as an effective advocate for research with the university and to its broader community of stakeholders and supporters.
  • He will work in close liaison with the board of advance studies and research / office of sponsored research, Business/technology Incubators and University Science & Technology.   
  • Draft and monitor department budget
  • Oversee IP webpage, in conjunction with the web committee
  • Work with Development Office to promote Institute IP success stories to leverage commercialization efforts.
  • Collaborate with the Principal Liaison for Technical Marketing and Licensing.


  • Supports the externally and internally sponsored projects.
  • Provide pre- and post-award support and ensure compliance and sponsor regulations. 
  • Develop, maintain, and communicate pre- and post-award administrative procedures for externally sponsored projects.
  • Support faculty with grant proposal submissions.
  • Support faculty regarding contracts, progress reports and sponsor-related grant actions.
  • Support faculty regarding post-award grant management,
  • Coordinate internal and external reporting needs and maintenance of HEI’s database.
  • Develop and maintain the award process web pages.
  • Work with the Director of Research Strategy to set goals and responsibilities within the research office and to monitor procedural efficiencies.
  • The Manager of Research Development provides overall vision to the institute research portfolio.
  • Identify a strategy for research that promotes multidisciplinary collaboration within the university.
  • Develop a structure for mentorship of junior faculty.
  • Facilitate collaborations among faculty through identifying research interests and providing opportunities to communicate.
  • Provide information about the grant process to faculty. 


  • Promote the development of public-private partnerships.
  • Support of university research projects and link the university’s research community with the needs and priorities of the corporate sector.
  • Develop opportunities for applied research.
  • Explore opportunities for technology transfer.
  • Commercialization of university research.


  • He will work and support the university research boards and ORIC.
  • Review and analyze all new invention disclosures.
  • Identify and establish collaborations and licensing agreements associated with the Institute’s intellectual property.
  • Identify potential synergies for University with non-profit research Institutes and academic licensing offices
  • Actively license university technology
  • Track the success of university technology in the hands of licensees
  • Conduct collaborative research agreement.
  • Review for conducting research under a contract with outside institutions
  • Oversee any litigation that may arise related to Institute


  • To improve human resource development plan.
  • Explore funding for establish research at RMU in its various departments.
  • To strengthen international linkages with international universities on joint research proposals for international funding.
  • To hold regular seminars, symposiums, workshops to promote culture of interaction and sharing scientific knowledge with researchers around the world
  • To prepare strategy for university business plan.
  • To prepare research plans for university
  • To explore possibilities of projects based on public private partnership. 


  • Classification of Liver Diseases using Neural Network
  • Pakistan National Coordinating Centre (PNCC)
    • Woman Trial
    • Crash 3 Trial
    • Halt it Trial
    • Woman 2 Trial
    • Factors behind the growing rate of unnecessary caesarian sections in three tertiary care hsopitals of Rawalpindi, Pakistan
    • Chlamydia trachomatis, Neisseria gonorroeae, and Trichomonas vaginalis screening and treatment of pregnant women in Rawalpindi, Pakistan
  • RMU Multidisciplinary Research Project
  • Infectious Disease Modelling Collburative Research Project with Jeorgea State University USA