Phd Faculty Research

ORIC Project 2023-2024

Project TitleInvestigatorsDepartmentStatus
Mapping the oncological landscape: Insights from the oncology care clinic, Rawalpindi Medical University.Dr. Asma Umer Khayam/ Dr Qaiser Aziz/Prof Dr UmarDepartment of Biochemistry/ Oncology care cliniccompleted

Decoding Dengue: A comprehensive analysis of cases at holy family hospital (2019-2023) and anticipating Pakistan's future dengue dynamics under climate change

Dr.Saira Karimi/ Dr Mujeeb/ Dr.NaeemDepartment of Pathologycompleted
Magnetic Resonance Cholengio Pancreatography (MRCP) Based Diagnosis of Pancreaticobiliary Disorders: Three Years Study at a Tertiary Care HospitalDR.Mehwish Iqbal / Prof.Dr. WafaDepartment of Pathologycompleted
Development Of Fluorescence Spectral Fingerprints of Bacterial Clinical Isolates For Their Rapid IdentificationDr. Rabia Anjum/ supervisor- Prof.Dr.Naeem AkhtarDepartment of Microbilogyongoing
Assessment of Medicinal Plant Extract-Loaded Electrospun Nanofibers as Natural Antimicrobial Agents for Enhanced Wound Healing in Burn PatientsDr. Saira Karimi/ Prof.Dr.Naeem AkhtarDepartment of Pathology (NTB)ongoing
Establishment of the Reference Interval of Serum Adenosine Deaminase in the Healthy Adults of Northern Punjab Pakistan Prof. Dr. Wafa OmerDepartment of Pathology (HFH)ongoing
Unraveling the Prevalence of Congenital Hypothyroidism in Neonates: A Multi-Hospital Study in RawalpindiProf. Dr Saima Naz/ Dr Hina- Paediatric Endocrinology)/ Dr Asma Nafisa Pathology )Department of Anatomy + Paediatric Endocrinology + Pathologyongoing
Effectiveness of pragmatic approach in treating low back pain through real-time data monitoringDr. Muhammad UmarDepartment of Allied Health Sciencesongoing
A Clinical Exploration of Black Seed Oil Efficacy in Dermatophytosis: An open-ended Pilot Study.Prof.Dr.Akram Randhawa/ Dr Asma Umer Khayam/Dr Shawana SharifDepartment of Pharmacology/biochemistry/ dermatologyongoing
Comparing glycemic markers in diabetic patients with iron deficiency glycated albumin versus glycated hemoglobinDr. Asma NafisaDepartment of Pathology (HFH)ongoing
Comparative analysis of CRP and Vitamin D levels: Unreveiling corelations in health parametersDr. Mehwish Iqbal/ Prof.Dr.WafaDepartment of Pathology (HFH)ongoing
In Vitro Antifungal Screening of Black Seed Extracts on Dermatophytes Isolated from Clinical samplesDr Asma Umer Khayam/ Prof.Dr.Akram RandhawaDepartment of Biochemistry/ORIC/ Pharmacologyongoing
Molecular Genetic Studies of Autosomal Recessive Cone-Rod Dystrophies (Blindness)M.A.Faisal SultanDepartment of Biochemistryongoing
Genetic and clinical studies for early detection of fatal Lafora disease in Pakistani population: A Case ReportDr Amna NoorDepartment of Pathology/ORICongoing

Pre, Post and Epidemic Communication, Strategies to Improve Patient's Health Care, Surveillance and Tracking System in Pakistan: An Integrated Model

Dr. Asif / Dr. MAAF SultanDepartment of Community Medicine/ ORICongoing