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Department of Paerdietric Medicine HFH

Paediatric Department, Holy Family Hospital Rawalpindi started in1948 headed by Prof. Abbas Dosal with 25 beds and currently this Department is headed by a enthusiastic and dedicated Prof. Rai Muhammad Asghar since March 2011 with 235 beds.

Due to its easy approach department receives maximum number of all kinds of patients both as outpatients as well as inpatients from its catchment areas, i.e. Rawalpindi division, northern areas, AJK, Hazara division and Sargodha division and KPK.

Paediatric Department is further divided in two major sub-specialties including General Paediatric Wards, Paediatric Intensive Care Unit and Neonatology Unit.

dr hina sattar

Dr hina sattar

Head of Department

Department of Paedietric Medicine

Highly recognized and accredited centre of excellence in Medical Education, using evidence- based training techniques for development of highly competent health professionals.
To impart evidence based research oriented medical education. To provide best possible patient care. To inculcate the values of mutual respect and ethical practice of medicine

Meet OUR Team

1Dr.Hina SattarAssistant ProfessorFCPS, MCPS
2Dr.Mian MansoorConsultant PaediatricianMCPS
3Dr.Sonia FazalSenior RegistrarFCPS
4Dr. Muhammad HafeezSenior RegistrarFCPS
5Dr. Saima AkhtarSenior RegistrarFCPS
6Dr. Uzma AbidSenior RegistrarFCPS
7Dr. Sumbal GhaziSenior RegistrarFCPS
8Dr. Maryam AmjadSenior RegistrarFCPS
9Dr. Verda ImtiazSenior RegistrarFCPS
10Dr. Jawaria ZiaSenior RegistrarFCPS
11Dr. Jawad Ahmed Khan NiaziSenior RegistrarFCPS
12Dr. Ayesha TariqSenior RegistrarFCPS
13Dr. Noshina RiazSenior RegistrarFCPS
14Dr. Bushra IqbalSenior RegistrarFCPS
15Dr.Nadia MumtazSenior RegistrarFCPS
16Dr.AfrahSenior RegistrarFCPS
17Dr. Farah NazWomen Medical OfficerMCPS
18Dr. Sheryar ShahidMedical OfficerFCPS


Postgraduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs

List of Researchers


  • Ghiyyas Aziz
  • Ghulam Ali
  • Hira Mustafa
  • Naghmana Iftikhar
  • Tahira Rashid Khan
  • Hafiza Tarum Naveed
  • Tayyaba Nazir
  • Ibrahim
  • Hassan Mehmood


TitleResearcher NameLink of Project / ActivityYear
Adherence to growth hormone therapy in children with growth hormone deficiency: Experience at a public sector tertiary care hospitalDr. Hina Sattar 2022
Faculty Satisfication Regarding Modular TeachingDr. Hina Sattar


Role of CXR and HRCT in diagnosing COVID-19, a descriptive cross-sectional study, at a tertiary care hospital in PakistanDr. Hina Sattar


A comparison of Male and Female Medical Student’s Motivation towards Career ChoiceDr. Hina Sattar


Transcatheter closure of Patent Ductus Arteriosus through only venous routeDr. Hina Sattar


Latrogenic Cushing's syndrome in children presenting at Children's Hospital Lahore using nappy rash ointmentsDr. Hina Sattar 2015
Adherence to growth hormone therapy in children with growth hormone deficiency: Experience at a public sector tertiary care hospitalDr. Hina Sattar 2022
Change in the trend of Type-1 Diabetes Mellitus in Children (0-16 years) at the Children’s Hospital/ Institute of Child Health LahoreDr. Hina Sattar 2015
Clinical Spectrum of Posterior Urethral Valves in ChildrenDr. Hina Sattar 2013
Indicators of Poor Outcome after Temporary Pacemaker Insertion in Patients with Complete Heart BlockDr. Hina Sattar 2013
A comparison of male and female medical student's motivation towards career choice at AEME 2015 conference at Fauji Foundation HospitalDr. Hina Sattar 2015
Latrogenic Cushing’s syndrome in Pakistani infants using nappy rash ointments’ at the 10th annual symposium of Children’s hospital LahoreDr. Hina Sattar 2013
Clinical Spectrum of posterior Urethral Valves in Children’. 9th Annual Symposium of Children’s HospitalDr. Hina Sattar 2012
Usefulness of Peak Flow Meter in Monitoring of Asthma Management in Pediatric Age GroupDr. Asad Shabbir / Dr. Hafeez 2022
Comparison of Efficacy of Epinephrine to Salbutamol and Ipratropium Bromide Combined in Acute BronchiolitisDr. Asad Shabbir / Dr. Hafeez 2022
Efficacy of Bifidobacterium Infantis versus Bifidobacterium Bifidum Probiotic in the Prevention of Necrotizing Enterocolitis in Preterm NeonatesDr. Asad Shabbir 2016
The effect of 2 days vs 5 days regime of intravenous immunoglobulins on the outcome of patients suffering from severe guillain barre syndromeDr. Hafeez 2020
Bacteriological Spectrum of Pediatric Urinary Tract Infection and Its Drug Sensitivity and Resistance PatternDr. Hafeez 2022
Single dose Dexamethasone versus multi-dose Prednisolone in prevention of exacerbation and relapse in Asthmatic children; A RANDOMIZED CONTROLLED TRIALDr. Hafeez 2019
Lactose intolerance in malnutrition: Do we guidelines?Dr. Hafeez2022
Presentation of Restrictive and Repetitive Behaviors in Autism Spectrum DisorderDr. Hafeez 2021
Association between Vitamin D Deficiency and Asthma in childhoodDr. Hafeez / Dr. Uzma Abid / Dr. Saima Akhtar 2019
Frequency of Cystic Fibrosis in Children with Recurrent Respiratory Infections by Sweat Chloride Testing: A Hospital-Based Cross-sectional StudyDr. Maryam Amjad / Dr. Uzma Abid /Dr. Sumbal Shahzadi 2020
Chicken pox demographics in pediatrics patients and their contacts, burden of disease and vaccine awarenessDr. Uzma Abid 2022
Frequency and culture sensitivity of febrile neutropenic episodes in patients of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on chemotherapyDr. Saima Akhtar 2018
Perception of expecting mothers on Infant young child feeding: A cross sectional survey at Tertiary Care HospitalDr. Saima Akhtar 2022
Comparison of Epinephrine and Salbutamol Nebulization in Acute Bronchiolitis in terms of mean change in RDAI ScoreDr. Sumbal Shahzadi 2021
Role of Zinc Supplementation in Reducing Relapses in Steroid Sensitive Nephrotic SyndromeDr. Sumbal Shahzadi 2021
Single Iron supplementation versus combined Vitamin A and Iron supplementation in treatment of Iron Deficiency Anemia in children less than 5 years visiting tertiary care hospital of IslamabadDr. Sumbal Shahzadi / Dr. Noshina Riaz2016
Knowledge, attitude and practice of final year medical students regarding thalassemia majorDr. Noshina Riaz 2020
Dexamethasone versus Prednisolone in Relapse of Symptoms in Children with Acute Exacerbations of AsthmaDr. Noshina Riaz 2020
Breast Feeding Remains a Strong Protection against Infant InfectionsDr. Noshina Riaz 2019
Use of Zinc and ORS in Home Management of Diarrhea: Knowledge of Mothers attending a Tertiary Care HospitalDr. Noshina Riaz 2019
Comparison of Umbilical Cord Care: chlorhexidine 4% versus dry cord careDr. Noshina Riaz 2019
Role of vitamin C in children having pneumoniaDr. Noshina Riaz 2015
Role of vitamin C in children having pneumoniaDr. Noshina Riaz 2016