Punjab Residency Program


The user manual has been designed/developed to help the candidates of Punjab
Residency Program through step-by-step guidance to effectively use the Online PRP Portal. The Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM) elaborating the complete framework of Punjab Residency Program level-III is available on the https://prp.phf.gop.pk/ and https://health.punjab.gov.pk/Notifications.aspx. Please read this manual along with the Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM).

DISCLAIMER : This manual is just to fill up the online application. The rules and regulations of inductions are to be followed as per the PPM.


For any inquiries and queries,Please contact at:



Application Validity

This application is valid for Residency Program for the Current Session Only.

Online Portal and Web Browser

Use latest Chrome for better performance.

Checklist for Candidates

Application Fill Up Process

Please note that an (*) mentioned against any field in this form, is mandatory and if not filled
properly, the system will generate an error and you will not be able to proceed any further.

Please go https://prp.phf.gop.pk/

On the welcome page, there are two options:
Register : For registration of new candidates.
Login : Already registered candidates to login. Enter Email as login and Password.

Note: Applicants registered in previous induction have to use their existing Username and Password to apply in the Current Session.

For New Registration enter following information:

Full Name: 
PMDC Number: 
Mobile Number: 

As per Matriculation.
As per PMDC certificate
Mobile Number: Current active mobile number.
III (Default selection for this program)
Active email address.
Minimum 6 characters are required.
A validation link will be sent to you via email. Your account will be activated once
you will click on validation link.

Important : Fill the Registration Part carefully as PMDC number, email address and
mobile number cannot be edited later.


If you want to logout of the system, click the Log Out button.

If you want to logout of the system, click the Log Out button.

Download Voucher:

Note: Fee voucher can be downloaded before completing the application. Please download voucher and deposit Fee at earliest to avoid any inconvenience of delay in application submission.

Profile Builder :

Use “Profile Builder” button on top of the menu for complete your profile.

Personal Information

Important Note: Whenever Nationality/Domicile is changed, you should reenter the preferences in Step 5 Specialty. Because provided preferences will be vanished by changing nationality/domicile.

Dual Nationality

In case of dual nationality applicant will select “Nationality Type” Dual and has to provide details of both Countries.
Foreigners will upload these images of Max 500 kb in personal information. * is for mandatory.

Dates Entry:

This is how the Dates are entered in the entire application process. When you click the button on the right of the date field, a calendar appears and you can select your year by clicking year on top of calendar. By using the arrow keys on both sides, you can select your required month and then select the day. Upon click back at the same button the calendar will be closed and you will see the new inserted date in the date field. When you are adding the Profile Picture, please make sure you have a digital file of your portrait picture in your computer as by clicking the Browse button, you be then required to click that file and select open.

Upload the relevant documents:

Upload documents in jpg / jpeg format only (500KB Maximum)

Note: Please note that system will only accept a file size less than 500 KB. If you have a larger picture, Read the following note.

Important Note :  Many users find it difficult to check the size of their portrait pictures and large scanned pictures are not accepted by the system, so it is important to have a portrait picture which is web-friendly. For this purpose, use https://compressjpeg.com/ to compress your picture in a web-friendly size.

Disability Quota:

If you apply for disability quota then click on below radio button.

Important Note : If you select “Yes” you will only be considered for disable quota. That means you won’t be able to apply in any other quota/general quota. Disable Quota Is Only for Candidates having Punjab Domicile (from the discipline of Anesthesia, Radiology and Pathology). 


If you have Local/Recognized education, please select that option:

Please fill all the fields and attached necessary documents against each year. Total marks and obtained marks should be inclusive of Pakistan Studies and Islamiyat marks. All the DMC Images should be reduced to 500KB otherwise system will not accept it and you will not be able to proceed further. If Duration of your Degree is 4 years you can call or email PRP Support team to change your degree duration accordingly.