RMC | Mentorship Dinner


Mission Statements
To impart evidence based research oriented medical education.
To provide best possible patient care
To inculcate the values of mutual respect and ethical practice of medicine 
Vision and Values
Highly recognized and accredited centre of excellence in Medical Education, using evidence-based training techniques for development of highly competent health professionals.
Goals of the Undergraduate Medical Curriculum:
The Undergraduate Integrated Learning Program is geared to provide you with quality medical education in an environment designed to:

  • Provide thorough grounding in the basic theoretical concepts underpinning the practice of medicine.
  • Develop and polish the skills required for providing medical services at all levels of the Health care delivery system.
  • Help you attain and maintain the highest possible levels of ethical and professional conduct in your future life.
  • Kindle a spirit of inquiry and acquisition of knowledge to help you attain personal and professional growth & excellence.

The Univesity Campuses

Old Campus: (1974)
New Campus: (2008)