Rawalpindi Medical College offers a mentorship program for students in a very pleasant environment on the occasion of Annual Mentorship Dinner of the college. The targeted audience is undergraduate medical students, house officers and post graduate trainees. More than 7000 Rawalians are working in Pakistan and all over the world. With academic excellence of RMC and hard work of Rawalians, now they have achieved posts of Professors, Course Directors and Head of departments not only in Pakistan but at institutions of Excellence in America, Europe and Australia. A number of Rawalians pass USMLE, PLAB and AMC examinations and they need further guidance to get the residencies in the required institutions. Considering these difficulties of students, Prof. Muhammad Umer principal RMC invited the foreign faculty at RMC for the first time on 40th anniversary celebrations of RMC and he introduced the Mentorship Program for students of RMC. Now every year a Mentorship Dinner is arranged in the old campus of RMC and foreign faculty grace the occasion. Each foreign faculty member is allotted a table and a group of students at dinner and he guides these students during the dinner and students can have address and email contact of these faculty members for further pursuance of guidance. Foreign faculty guides students about electives, various entrance exams and how to apply for jobs after passing exams. This forum also facilitates a direct link between old and new Rawalians. Senior faculty members of RMC will also give guidance regarding post graduation as well as career planning in Pakistan.