Students of Rawalpindi Medical University are provided with the facility of lecture halls for academic purpose. Over-head projectors, slide projectors, and multi-media projection facility is provided in each lecture hall. Air-conditioning of lecture hall provides necessary comfort to make the environment conducive to attentive learning. I.T help is readily available for students and faculty. It is made sure by the college administration that Lecture halls are provided with an environment without any vocal disturbance. These lecture halls can be used for some other purposes also like for conducting the seminars as well, but they have to be reserved for that.


Support staff for lecture halls


The lecture hall caretakers support the users of the lecture halls to make sure activities can take place undisturbed. The caretakers will help with:

·         Order and cleanliness in a hall

·         Positioning of the furniture

·         Repairing malfunctioning devices

·         Putting presentations on a computer

·      Provision of markers and laser light pointers


Order and cleanliness in the lecture halls


To make sure the lecture halls can be used by everyone in the same way, its important that 

·         They are left behind clean and tidy:

·         If you change the position of the furniture, place it back to the original position afterwards.

·         Used materials should be placed back in the appropriate place.

·         Waste should be disposed in the available trash bins.

·         Consumption of foods and drinks is not allowed.

In addition to lecture halls, there are also examination halls and separate laboratories for Biochemistry, Physiology, Pharmacology, Histology and Pathology. The Anatomy Department has a spacious dissection hall and there are well stocked museums for Anatomy, Pathology, Community Medicine and Forensic Medicine.

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