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Rawalpindi Medical University provides a forum for hidden talent of students by working in various societies which are established for patient care, literary activities, sports, dramas, debates, movie making, poetry, research etc. These student societies are selected by special selection committees consisting of senior faculty members.
Sport Society

This year, we, The Rawalians, under the capable leadership of Hassaan & Azalfa, commenced the Sports week with ultimate zeal and fervor. We had a point to prove that Rawalians not only dominate this nation in academics but we are second to none in sports as well. In short, we aimed for excellence.

The first tournament to be played was basketball. The competition was stiff. All the classes put in their very best. But the dark horse of the tournament was 1st year who outplayed the mighty final year (The defending Champions ) and grabbed the coveted champions trophy.

Basketball was followed by a multitude of sports. Each class aimed to be the very best. Sweat was dropped, blood was spilled, bodies were injured but the spirit remained unshaken. Had there been a device to measure the zest with which these sports were played, it would have crossed its limits.

A hallmark of this year’s sports week was the unbiased and unprejudiced leadership of final year. Every class was given equal opportunity to prove their mettle. And this was probably why this year’s sports week was so much fun and enjoyable for each class. While 3rd year won table tennis, 2nd year proved too hot to handle in squash. 1st year lifted the basketball trophy while 4th year outshone everyone in cricket, futsal, volleyball and lawn tennis. However, as they say, there is no substitute for experience- final year outplayed, outsmarted, outshone and outthought all the other classes in majority of the sports including athletics, football, badminton, tug of war etc. and became the CLASS OF THE YEAR.

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Art Society

Arts day 2k16 never heard of such event in RMU before. Don’t be surprised this event was one of the premiere events that gapped in the history of RMU and it was surely the one which was organized and arranged by tireless efforts. Event being cancelled by twice but it did not lower down the morale of our arts president. After the hard work of day and night it finally happened.  

 Definitely this event was the special one and different from the previous years’ i.e. the variety show was being held at night continuing until the next morning. This time it was held in the scorching heat of April at day time and still there was maximum participation. Despite, the time limit occurred out of expectations of everyone and that’s what makes this art day the most memorable because of the enthusiasm and sprit of RMU arts society.  

As soon as everyone entered the auditorium the theme of the event and the props in display was amazing and it took everyone into a different world. This event would be remembered in the history of RMU and we hope that this new tradition continues further after as well. 
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Medicos Aid Society

Medicos Aid Society (MAS) is a non political body of potential students of Rawalpindi Medica University (RMU) organized in the name of selflessness, devotion & service purely based on humanitarian grounds. Since its existence in 1983 under the umbrella of RMU, its members are actively and positively working for poor and suffering humanity and doing all possible efforts to uplift the moral values of the suffers i.e from providing Blood and Medicines to organizing immunization camps.Medicos Aid Society functions in four sections.

Blood Section arranges Blood camps at different institutes & provide blood to the Thalassemia Center.We also provide blood to the emergencies in the hospitals. 

Medicine Section provides medicine free of cost to the poor and the deserving patients. Besides having a free dispensary at office, we arranges free medical camps in remote areas, in the peripheries of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. MAS also arranges Hepatitis-B Vaccination Camp in RMU for the medical students for the last many years.

Finance Section is like root to MAS tree. It arranges and provide finance for the activities of medicine, blood and publication section.Each and every activity of MAS is done with the help of finance section. The section maintains complete record of expenditures and donations. At the end of each year, the section prepares annual audit report. 

Publication & Computer Section publishes and highlights the activities of MAS in the form of posters, magzine and website. It provides full coverage to every blood camp, medicine camp and donation exertions, which ever takes place. People Know MAS because of US. 

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The Islamic Society RMU

The Islamic society RMU was founded in 2005 and has completed its 11 years.

Its foundation is based on Motto

“One Ummah One Legion one Legacy”

Society has core ‘NIYAH’ it does not focus on worldly rewards, keeping ‘NIYAH’ pure on this fragile & transitory earth, make this place ritualized.

Strategies of Society:-

Every year embrace with delight yearly, monthly themes and Competitions which get emaan refreshed.

Theme of year 2016     “My Companions are stars”

Yearly Events:-

Annual Seerat Conference on first day of sports week.

Inter and Intra Collegiate Competitions of Qirat, Naat, Quiz, Creative writing, Urdu and English Speeches and Calligraphy.

Tarbiya programs  & tafseer Programs of executive members.

 Look after and Maintenance of Prayer room of University.

Monthly updated Notice board of Islamic Society with themes of Ahadees.

Contact Us on facebook page :-

The Islamic Society “rmu (brothers only )”

The Islamic Society “rmu (Sisters only)”

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Research Society
First ever Rawalian Students Research Society was established in March 2014, comprising of all undergraduates of RMU, from all five academic years. About 10-15 members of RSRS are selected annually and they assist the Research Unit in coordinating all the research activities of undergraduates of RMU.
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Literary and Debating Society

is to ensure that every member is equipped with the necessary skills to enable them to excel in drama, writing or debate. This also involves the skills for script-writing, stage craft, the play production process and public speaking. Every member is given the opportunity to develop their talents and to discover their best talents to excel confidently.


All members are trained in the three linked disciplines of drama, writing and debate. In drama, members are taught the core basics of dramatic technique – the use of levels to create effect, vocal projection, awareness of body language, facial expressions, use of space and behind-the-scenes work on lighting and sound. In writing, members are exposed to all three literary genres; prose, poetry and drama. In debate, all members go through training on how to formulate and present arguments in response to assigned motions. This activity provides them with a good platform to hone leadership and organizational skills.