It is a blended course of 6 months comprising of 2 contact sessions, and virtual learning. Total 4 assignments will be given in this course. 40% formative and 60% summative assessment will be carried out.

·       4 Assignments

·       40% Formative Assessment

·       60% Summative Assessment

The objectives of CHPE:

Get our faculty equipped with the teaching skills deemed necessary for better learning of our healthcare professionals.

Implement student assessment well aligned with teaching strategies and learning objectives.

Inculcate operational teamwork and leadership capabilities among faculty.

Health Professionals, Medical Doctors, Dentists, Physical therapists.

This Certificate course is categorized into 2 contact sessions & 4 Modules:

1.  Education Psychology                                2.  Teaching and Learning

3.  Assessment                                                 4.  Curriculum

·       All Health Professionals with a bachelor’s degree (minimum 16 years of education).

·       Minimum basic qualification: MBBS, BDS, DPT, D-Pharmacy and B.Sc. Nursing Portfolios.

RMU Faculty:

            Prof. Rai Muhammad Asghar, Prof. Musharraf Baig, Prof. Asad Tamizuddin, Dr. Arsalan Manzoor , Dr. Shazia Zeb, Dr. Rizwana Shahid, Dr. Naeem Liaquat, Dr. Sadia ch, Dr. Omaima Asif Dr. Attiya Munir, Dr. Narjis Zaidi, Dr. Abidah Danyal.

Visiting Faculty:

            Prof. Muhammad Iqbal, Prof. Umar Ali Khan, Prof. Majeed CH, Prof. Rehan Ahmad Khan

Dr. Saima Chaudhry, Dr. Fouzia Abdus Samad, Dr. Mobeen Iqbal, Dr. Shahzad Asif.

International Faculty:

            Dr. Nasim Masood, UK, Dr. Gohar Wajid, Egypt, Dr. Khalid Saeed WHO Egypt

Dr. Aamna Nazir, Dr. Abdul Khaliq, Dr. Abeera Zareen, Dr. Ahmed Hassan, Prof. Muhammad Ajmal

Dr. Muhammad Amin Khan, Dr. Amjad Ali khan, Dr. Anwar Khan, Dr. Muhammad Arshad, Prof. Syed Arshad Sabir, Dr. Ejaz Ahmed, Dr. Haitham Akaash, Dr. Irum Kalsoom, Dr. Muhammad Imran, Prof. Jahangir Sarwar Khan, Dr. Kalimullah, Dr. Maria Waqas, Dr. Naureen Saeed, Dr. Nayyar Ayub, Prof. Rubina Mansoor, Dr. Rizwan Mahmud, Prof. Seemi Gull, Dr. Saima Ambreen, Dr. Sarosh Afzal Farooqi, Dr. Saqib Ismail, Dr. Soban Sarwar Gondal, Prof. Ch. Tariq Masood, Prof. Tariq Nawaz, Dr. Usman Qureshi, Dr. Yasir Shehzad, Prof. Zein-el-Amir

To be announced soon