RMC | Vice Chancellor


Professor Dr. Muhammad Umar(Sitara-e-Imtiaz) (MBBS, MCPS, FCPS, FACG, FRCP (Lon), FRCP (Glasg), AGAF) Vice Chancellor Rawalpindi Medical University Rawalpind

Rawalpindi Medical Univeristy has always occupied a unique position in the public sector, being one of the leading medical University in South Asia. It serves as an extraordinary interface between health care provision and medical education; with the three allied hospitals bearing the brunt of the city's health care needs, medical and paramedical undergraduate courses that train the sharpest minds of the country, and diverse post-graduate training programs. Leading a university is an intellectually rewarding venture, but one that is far from easy. It requires a certain equipoise between efficient management and the recognition and enhancement of intellectual freedom and creativity.
However, I feel that there is an even more important task at hand, that is to inculcate the true essence of education into the students of RMU and to make them find a bigger purpose in life rather than considering their qualifications only as a vehicle for financial success. And it is perhaps the greatest social influence a university can have, for we too often forget that there is a moral core to what we do.
My vision is to make RMU a center of knowledge sharing and a generation with the critical study and debate of human values and what it means to be human, at its heart. I aim to lead the university into an era of innovation and cutting edge scientific inquiry with a truly scientific, social, and economic impact. A place where students are enabled and stimulated to achieve human excellence, and where the ethos and values of quality assurance, transparency, merit, openness, accessibility, participatory approach and gaining public confidence are held supreme. I am certain that through the support and help of my team, we will be able to make RMU the most sought after medical university in Pakistan, a university excelling not only in rankings but also in inducing a positive change in the society by virtue of upholding the fundamental moral and ethical human values.