The CLINICOPATHOLOGICAL Conference, known as the CPC, is essentially a dynamic medium of inculcating medical knowledge. The cornerstone of this teaching tool is case-based discussion via incorporating the history and physical examination with relevant investigations to reach a list of differential diagnosis. The conference manifests interactive session between the presenter of the case and the participating audience.

Rawalpindi Medical College is having a CPC forum since long which is working to enhance the integration of knowledge as well as the awareness about new advances in medical profession. CPC at RMC is arranged on every Wednesday of the week at 8:30 am in the CPC hall of new teaching block of RMC. Usually two cases from different departments are presented. The roster for case presentation is already known to all departments. Occasionally research work is also presented in the CPC.


It is worth mentioning that the focal aim of presentation followed by discussion is not merely to reach a final diagnosis but to instill clinical brainstorming on basis of given information. The presenter starts off the session with a case scenario, revealing the history and examination findings along with the investigations. A list of differential diagnosis is then generated, ideally, through participation of the attending members. While key investigative results and hence, the final diagnosis are usually withheld till the end of the session to maximize the audience involvement.

Case-based discussions are effective in developing integrated learning skills. Such amalgamation, thus, requires the presence of all departments’ representatives. In addition to channeling the conference in right direction, the senior physicians aid in imparting competences in the doctors via their experienced consultations. Participation of all departments not only ensures that multidisciplinary approach is maneuvered towards solving a case, but also keeps the attending members abreast of the latest medical developments in the world.


1.    New format of CPCP attendance

CPC attendance is included in Internal Assessment and entered in logbook by CPC incharge, Professor/ Representative.

2.    Enhancing attendance of Faculty

It is mandatory for each unit to ensure attendance of all CPC’s by at least Two (one Assistant Professor and one Senior Registrar) Member of its teaching faculty along with 4 PGts every week

3.    Bank of CPC Presentations

CPC Presentation b is being maintained which can be used by anyone who needs the knowledge regarding the required topic of interest.

4.    Final Year Students /MOs/PGTs/HOs Attendance SOPs

It is mandatory for PGT’s to maintain 50% attendance, Final year student 75% and for MOs/HOs/Demonstrators 30% attendance yearly.

5.    Computerized Record of CPC attendance

Attendance is being maintained on weekly basis and used for monitoring and evaluation purpose.