RMC | Mentorship Dinner


The rapidly evolving medical sciences of today necessitate that physicians keep abreast with the latest developments. This requires the understanding and use of the scientific principles and methods. A research activity of post graduate medical trainees is important as it promises better clinical care, critical reasoning, lifelong learning and future research activity. The surge of the medical and dental graduates from private and foreign institutions, the paradoxical shift in the trend of general to specialist practice and resultant prediction of doctors for post graduate training has necessitated formulating optimal policy for post-graduate medical training at health institutions.
The existing medical and dental post graduate training slots at various health care institutions of Punjab are not in commensurate with the passing out graduates of public sector institutions. The government of Punjab has made a significant increase in the post graduate training slots in the past years and further enhancement is also under process.
The post graduate trainees essentially provide service delivery to the patients day and night during their training and subsistence for the same is provided to them according, to availability of stipendiary positions and fulfillment of pre-requisites like registration with the universities concerned and College of Physicians and Surgeons etc.
Keeping in view the above facts, the government of Punjab has redesigned a structured policy / criteria for the selection of PG Trainees for implementation at all the health care institutions engaged in imparting PG Training. The policy was implemented w.e.f January 2016.
A rigorous effort was made by Secretary Health Punjab and by the worthy Principle Prof. Muhammad Umar to make this PGTs induction program transparent and successful.
A hard working and enthusiastic team was deputed to guide, help and provide all the necessary facilities and relevant information to the PGTs.