RMC | Mentorship Dinner


It is the office of research innovation and commercialization. It is directed by director ORIC and assisted by the deputy director research.
Research operations will perform the following activities:

  • Manage and enhance research activity of university, which includes acting as sectaries for the advanced studies and research board and ethics board.
  • Develop research policies and priorities (which include management, administration, supervision, monitoring, and coordination of all research related activities) and explore new themes of research and research agenda of RMU.
  • Work for fund raising and accruing grants for research and development both nationally and internationally.
  • Promote capacity building activities within the university not only in the field of research but also in all discipline.
  • Mobilize faculty and resources to produce quality research projects.
  • Mobilize community and industry to promote research commercialization.
  • Serve as an effective advocate for research with the university and to its broader community of stake holders and supporters and develop collaboration with national and international research bodies.
  • Develop collaboration with relevant government bodies (health department) and lead in establishing and conducting health systems research.
  • Promote development of intellectual property and patenting activities and IP success stories within the university to leverage communication efforts.
  • Facilitate the faculty in licensing and commercializing IPs.