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There are three schools of nursing which exist in District Head Quarters Hospital, Benazir Bhutto hospital and Holy Family Hospital of Rawalpindi. They provide high quality nursing training to the nursing students. Nursing students are also provided with facility of hostels in all three Allied Hospitals.


Rawalpindi Medical College is one of the premier institutes in Pakistan that fulfils the need for highly skilled nurses who form the backbone of the modern healthcare delivery system. The institute offers an educational programme that keeps abreast of the latest developments in medical science and state-of-the-art nursing practices. Our teaching methodology is constantly updated and fine-tuned to meet the real-world challenges of a profession that is constantly evolving.
Our student-nurses receive the best clinical training at our three hospitals. In-patient and out-patient referrals provide a dynamic learning environment and hands-on experience with complex medical cases. Hands-on experience is not an addition to the nursing curriculum but an essential part of the programme itself. It provides student nurses a first-hand feel of patient care. It also helps students adjust to the rigours of a hospital environment and takes the classroom into the real world of diagnostics and treatment.
On completion of the academic programme, a large number of student-nurses receive a placement at the hospitals. This ensures employment for our nurses as well as homogeneity in patient care and continuity in the hospitals philosophy and objectives.
To maintain professional standards of excellence, Rawalpindi Medical College follows a rigorous screening process that stresses academic merit as well as personal aptitude.


    • The significance and objectives of school of nursing are:
    • To produce competent (trained) nurses in the health sector of Pakistan and to improve Health care facilities and nursing education in the country.
    • To provide leadership in nursing education, nursing services and research.
    • To raise the status and image of nurses as well as of nursing profession.

    Nurses are playing vital role for the welfare of our respective community. The women education is crucial to the development of nursing profession in Pakistan. The progress made has gained increasing recognition and respect for our country. With its expanding role in modern health care, more of its members are venturing beyond the stereotype model and working for successful participation and restoration of health, prevention of disease, injury and disability, imparting health education and functioning as an active member of the health care team.

    • Graduate nurses will be appointed as a Charge Nurse in BPS-16 by the department of Health in Punjab and in other provinces of the country also.
    • With the further qualification in various fields of nursing, the candidates have the opportunity for bright future up to BPS-20
    • Graduate nurses can appear in B. Sc and BSN degree examination held by the Universities of Punjab, Peshawar and Karachi.
    • Post Basic training in various fields of nursing sciences are being provided at the College of Nursing Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore and Peshawar.
    • Scholarships for specialization and future education at M.Sc and other postgraduate program are provided by the Govt. of Punjab in correspondence with the foreign agencies abroad.

    Details about General Nursing and Midwifery Diploma Program
    Eligibility Criteria

    • Matric in Science with 55 % marks in aggregate as well as 55% marks in science subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Biology).
    • FSc (Pre-Medical) 50 % marks in aggregate with Matric in Science with 55 % in aggregate.
    • The students who have passed General Nursing. Additional 20-Marks will be awarded after passing the test conducted by the concerned institute (Certificate from Madrisa authorized / notified by the government for the purpose shall be required for claiming the additional marks).
    • Candidates must be single; no married applicant should be considered for admission to General Nursing & Midwifery.
    • Upper age limit for General Nursing is 25 years and no age relaxation should be allowed. Widow / divorced will be up to 30 years. No relaxation limit shall be granted by the Government in any case.

    Admission Procedure

    • The admission shall be made once a year preferably in August/ September, subject to the advertisement of the Principal of concerning school.
    • The Principal of concerned nursing school shall publish the notice in daily national newspaper. The classes shall start in November; all nursing schools shall complete the registration process  with Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC) and Nursing Examination Board after verification of academic documents and probation period.
    • The candidates shall be required to submit the admission form to the concerned nursing school within 15 days of publishing of advertisement.
    • Admission form (for public sector institution) will be provided in concerned nursing school at the cost of Rs100/-. Funds thus generated  shall be kept by the institution as student welfare fund. 
    • Admission form with cutting, overwriting and incomplete shall not be acceptable.
    • The stamp of the officer attesting documents must bear his / her full name, designation and current place of duties.
    • No migration is allowed, subject to condition of disciplinary case.
    • The application should execute surety bond on the stamp paper of Rs. 50/- at the time of admission that she / He will leave after completion of training. Otherwise, the stipend which she had received during the period of training will be recovered.
    • The bonded students after completing their training are required to serve 3 years in institutions of Government of the Punjab.

    Distribution of Seats
    Seats are distributed as per following criteria:

    • 35% seats for students from across Punjab on open merit (candidate from the concerned district will also be eligible to compete)
    • 65% seats for the district on close merit
    • LHV / Midwives (Preference will be given to the employees of the Health Department)
    • Departmental Quota
    • Children of Health Department employees

    Note: Candidates falling in the 3rd and 4th category (as per distribution of seats) will have to qualify the criteria for age, physical fitness and marital status. In the absence of an eligible candidate in these categories, selection will be made on open merit across Punjab.
    BSc Nursing (Generic)
    Post RN/ BSc Nursing
    The Post RN BSc Nursing program is a 2 years program designed to give experienced, registered nurses an opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge and skills needed to practice nursing care as clinically competent professional nurses. Graduates will be able to provide leadership and influence the development of the nursing profession in Pakistan.
    Upon completion of the program, nurses are able to utilize critical thinking in providing holistic nursing care and play a role as change agents in nursing practice and education in any health care setting. Nurses may enroll as full-time or part-time students.
    Eligibility Criteria

    • Human Resource and venue for taking Entry Test would be facilitated by Post Graduate College of Nursing (PGCN), Lahore. The University of the Health Sciences, Lahore will prepare MCQ papers; process examination and declare results under the supervision of Health Department.
    • 05 marks for extra professional qualification 25 marks for General Nursing Diploma (25 marks for 1st Division and 15 for 2nd Division) 20 marks for Midwifery Diploma (20marks for 1st Division and 15 for 2nd Division) 10 marks for Professional Experience (1 mark per year, maximum 10 marks)

    Note: Entry test marks hold 40% weightage to the total marks and will be conducted under the supervision of Health Department.
    Admission Procedure

    • The admission will be conducted once a year; advertisement will be given by PGCN, preferably in September in all leading national newspapers for entry test, which will be followed by an interview.
    • The nursing officers who are regular employees of Government of the Punjab, Health Department are eligible to apply for Post RN BSc Nursing after fulfilment of above mentioned criteria.
    • The employees having minimum of 3 years regular service on their credit will be eligible for the admission.
    • The employees who have already availed any placement inside and outside the country will have minimum 3 years regular service after availing the placement.
    • NOC from Health Department through proper channel is mandatory for in-service candidates. No application for NOC will be entertained if submitted directly.
    • After making the final selection, list of the successful candidates will be forwarded to the Health Department for further processing.
    • The commencement of the class will be from 1st January.

    Specialized Courses
    Following is the list of the courses offered at nursing schools:

    • Ward Management
    • Nursing Education
    • Coronary Care Nursing
    • Accident and Emergency
    • Pediatric Nursing
    • Ophthalmic Nursing
    • Neuroscience
    • Psychiatric Nursing

    Selection Criteria

    • Aggregate Marks: 50 % in General Nursing and Midwifery
    • Experience: 01 mark for each year (up to 10 marks)
    • Extra Professional Qualification (any specialization / BSc (N) / Post graduation)
    • Distinction in General Nursing and Midwifery awarded by Nursing Examination Board

    Admission Procedure

    • After making the final selection the list of the successful candidates will be forward to the Health Department for further processing.
    • NOC from Health Department through proper channel is mandatory for in-service candidates. No application for NOC will be entertained if submitted directly.
    • The employees who have already availed any placement inside and outside the country will have minimum 3 years regular service, after availing the placement.
    • The employees having minimum of 3 years regular service on their credit after availing placement will be eligible for the admission.
    • The nursing officers who are regular employees of Government of the Punjab, Health Department are eligible to apply for specialization, who fulfill the above mentioned criteria.
    • The admission will be made once a year, advertisement will be given by Post Graduate College of Nursing (PGCN) preferably in September in all leading national newspapers.
    • The commencement of the class will be from 1st week of April.

    Enhancement of Education
    Following steps are being taken in order to improve the performance and scope of nursing education:

    • Diploma program is gradually being replaced by BSc Generic degree program in nursing schools across Punjab
    • To enhance the professional education skills, BSc Post RN degree program is being started for professionals
    • Fast Track program will be initiated in near future for the senior professionals
    • Specialization in various disciplines is arranged/ conducted at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Islamabad, Jinnah Postgraduate Medical College, Karachi and Agha Khan University for        which applications are invited from the willing candidates, recommended and sent to the Health Department for finalization
    • Colleges and the University for nurses are likely to be established for degree program

    The School was established in 1928 within premises of Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi at Murree Road, which is one of the leading Hospital in Rawalpindi where the students are facilitated for practical experience with latest equipment and up to date teaching methods.
    Gradually numbers of beds were increased and at present there are 850 beds in the hospital,
    The School of Nursing building is located in the premises of Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi. It is situated at Said Pur Road, Satellite Town Rawalpindi.
    The School building includes:-

    • Two Lecture Hall/Class Rooms.
    • One Demonstration Hall.
    • Library
    • Laboratory
    • One big Auditorium

    Furnished accommodation with free supply of electricity, gas and water is provided to the candidates.

    • The rooms are large with proper light and ventilation.
    • Dining Hall
    • Proper kitchen facility
    • Pantr