Learning Management System(LMS) an integral part of online learning or E-learning. Online learning is moving from traditional class room to digital class room or virtual class room. 


§  Due to the current global pandemic COVID-19, Rawalpindi Medical University has closed its educational facilities as per the directive of the government.

§   However, it is imperative that other means of delivering education are used to ensure the cycle of academics is not disrupted

§   There is also a need to digitalize educational proceedings at the Department of Medical Education in order to meet the latest education technology trends.


§  RMU has started online teaching or e learning through  Learning Management System

§  The system is custom-made to RMU’s specific needs and the system structure has been tailored to our needs

§  The project has two phases

a) Short-term virtual education solution to tackle the current situation

b) Long term plan to digitalize education processes at DME to assist management, teachers and students

RMU Learning Management System

1.     Modular hierarchy

2.     Digital classes

3.     Content sharing

4.     Audio/video lectures

5.     Interactive

6.     Assignments and submission

7.     Assignment feedback

8.     Online Quizzes / MCQs

9.     Examination Module (Live Time bound)

10.  Student digital profiles

11.  Online Attendance

12.  Notifications

13.  Course feedback forms

14.  Interactive Online Library

15.  Grade Book

16.  Access to Parents

RMU LMS Update 18th April 2020

§  Structure is ready for MBBS year 1 to year 5, Allied Health Sciences and     Certificate Courses

§   Year 1 to year 3 lectures have been uploaded

§  1st Year & 2nd Year has been given login and password

§  Both classes are successfully accessing & benefiting LMS

Future Plans

§  Implementation of complete solution in phases to ensure successful execution

§  Automate all educational endeavors of Rawalpindi Medical University

§   Provide technological assistance to all stakeholders involved in medical education: Students, Parents, Teachers, Directors, Deans and VC.

§   Maintain records and databases of all educational proceedings including student/teacher files and course summaries

LMS Update 2nd May 2020

LMS is ready for MBBS, Allied Health Sciences and Postgraduate Certificate Course students 

Login and passwords has been given to all MBBS classes. 

All lectures available on website have been uploaded on LMS. 

Students are successfully accessing uploaded learning resource materials. 

Attendance system is in place. 

Assignments can be uploaded. 

Notification Board is ready.

What next?

Now we need Video/Audio Recorded Lectures of missed modules(15th March to 30th April)

All classes all subjects 

·       Orientation session to record lectures has already been done.

·       Facility to record lectures is ready at DME 

·       Rafay Ahmad available 9:00 – 13:00

Whose Responsibility?

One focal person doctor and one clerk allocated for each class. 

·       Coordination, facilitation and record keeping Primary Responsibility

·       Teacher who have to deliver the lecture will record and upload

·       Department Head or Incharge Unit will make sure that lectures are timely recorded and uploaded 

·       Respective Dean will overall supervise.

What’s Deadline?

§  Hurry up ! Already running short of time. 

§  Upload as early as possible. 

§  Deadline 8th May 2020

§  Deans will give date for assessment of module/block

§  Start preparing assessments

Update 9th May 2020
 Uploaded Recorded Lectures

1st Year MBBS                CVS Module                                       90%

2nd Year MBBS              CNS Module                                       70%

3rd Year MBBS Hematology & Immunology Module

Forensic Medicine                                          100%

Medicine                                                           100 %

Paeds                                                                 100%

Pathology                                                            50%

Community Medicine                                     100%

Pharmacology                                                  100%

Attendance report

The Following report is generated by the system for analytical purposes


          Year 1: 240 times

          Year 2: 959 times

          Year 3: 257 times

          Year 4: 459 times

          Year 5: 425 times

As of Monday, 11th May 2020

Course content downloads

  • Year 1: 6227 times
  • Year 2: 7234 times
  • Year 3: 2089 times
  • Year 4: 3792 times
  • Year 5: 195 times
  • As of Monday, 11th May 2020

Video Lectures accessed

  • Year 1: 755 times
  • Year 2: 1443times
  • Year 3: 23 times
  • Year 4: 173 times
  • Year 5: 350times
  • As of Monday, 11th May 2020

HEC Student Survey:
Proforma uploaded on LMS

  • Availability of Internet
  • Connectivity issues
  • Quality of online educatio(