RMC | Mentorship Dinner


Date: 5th Dec  to 8th Dec 2017

Time :  9:00am to 3:00pm

Guest: Ms Alison Pettigrew, Head of Quality &Standards, University Of York, UK.
Prof Lan Watt Head of Centre for Health & Population Sciences University of York United Kingdom

Topic:A New Horizon “Rawalpindi Medical University & University Of York UK
Venue: CPC Hall, New Teaching Block, RMU, RWP


Date: 18 Jan 2018                                                                                     

 Time: 9:00am to 10:00am            

Guest:             Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman NI (M) Chief of Air Staff Pakisan Air Force
Sohail Aman graduated from PAF Public School in Sargodha. Sohail Aman joined the Pakistan Air Force which directed to join the Pakistan Air Force academy in Risalpur, where he gained Commissioned as a P/Off. in GDP class. He attended the elite combat commander’s in Mushaf Air Force Base where He qualified as a test pilot, later on fighter pilot. Sohail Aman attended Air War College in Karachi, where He gained master degree in strategic studies and later went to UK, WHERE He attended King’s College London graduating with MA in Defense studies. Besides flying F-16s in PAF, Gen. Sohail has also flown F-15s in Saudia Arabia and Tornaso’s in UK.

Topic:              Lecture on Leadership and Society Development
Venue:            CPC Hall new teaching block, RMU, RWP


Time 8:30am----10:15am                                                                 

Date 21­-2-2018
Guest:          Dr. David L.Carr Locke, MD Gastroenterologist, Clinical Director for the Center Of Digestive Care, Weill Cornell Medicine USA
He received his medical degree from Cambridge University and completed his residency and fellowship training at the University of Leicester, England. He undertook clinical research in Gastroenterology at the New England Baptist Hospital in Boston. He served as director of the Endoscopy institute at the Brigham. Most recently was the chief foe division of digestive diseases and the associate chair od medicine at Mount Sinai-Beth Israel Medical Center.
Topic: Pancreatitis in 2018
Venue: CPC Hall, new teaching block RMU, RWP

Date : 20 March 2018                                                                        

 Time: 09:00am to 10:00am            
Guest:            Dr.Pamela J.Surkan Associate professor, Social & Behavioral    
Johns Hopkins, Bloomberg School of Public Health USA
Professor Dr.Atif Rehman   Professor of Child Psychiatry            University of Liverpool, UK
Topic:             Maternal Depression and Child Development, Maternal Wellbeing and Child development, A National and Global Health Priority
Venue:            CPC Hall, New Teaching Block, Rawalpindi Medical University
Arrival of Respected Guest
Recitation of Holy Quran Majeed
Welcome address by Vice Chancellor RMU Prof. Muhammad Umar
Lecture given by Respected Guest Dr.Pamela J.Surkan on “Maternal Depression And Child Development” Prof.Atif Rehman on “Maternal Wellbeing and Child Development A National Health Priority”
Followed by question answer session Departure of Guest


Date: 02- to -8 July 2018                                                                  

Time :09:30AM to 11:00AM

Guest: DR.ADIL I. KHAN Director Of Clinical Chemistry and Ambulatory Care USA.
Topic: Controlling Quality in Clinical Laboratory.
Venue: CPC Hall, New Teaching Block, Rawalpindi Medical University
Respected Guest give a lecture on Quality Assurance in Laboratory Medicine. Lecture was very informative and interactive. Total audience on day one was around 100 health care workers including faculty members, doctors, postgraduate trainees, nurses and lab technicians.


23rd July, 2018
Guest:             Dr. Janet Healay MRCGP Doctor residing in Manchester and associated with PRIME partnership in International Medical Education.
Topic:              The caring of whole person” (Holistic Medicine)
Venue:            CPC Hall, New Teaching Block, Rawalpindi Medical University

Program started with the name of Allah almighty. In the beginning   Prof. Syed Arshad Sabir   Dean of Public Health and Community Medicine introduced the subject on Hollistic Medicine. Latter on Dr.Janet Healay was invited for her lecture. Dr Janet Healay was the main guest supposed for this event, she gave her talk on the significance of caring of the whole person.
She also highlighted her concept by presenting a roll play on the same subject.
She highlighted qualities of a good doctor and nurse, among these stressed on the qualities of listening.
Followed by her talk worthy vice chancellor of Rawalpindi Medical University Professor Muhammad Umar was invited for sharing his views regarding guest lecture.
Vice chancellor emphasized on the evolution of Holistic Medicine, importance and its need in our society. He appreciated the kindness and arrival of guest lecturer.


Date: 16-10-2018                                                                               

Time: 10:45AM to 12:00PM
Guest:          DR.NATHAN S.JALIL,MD,FACP(USA), He graduated from Rawalpindi Medical College in 1983. He done his residency from Easton Hospital, Easton PA United States Internal Medicine in 1991. He done his nephrology fellowship from Philadelphia PA, USA in 1993.
Topic:             Management Of Kidney Disease
Venue:          CPC HALL, NTB ,RMU

Program started at 10:45am with the arrival of Vice Chancellor, Respected guest and faculty member of RMU and Allied Hospitals. Final year students present bookie to respected guest. Event started with recitation of Holy Quran Pak followed by welcome address by Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr.Muhammad Umar, Rawalpindi Medical University.
Respected Guest Dr.Nathan S.Jalil gives a very informative lecture on management of kidney disease. He shows us a brief picture of effect of hypertension and diabetes on kidney at different stages of kidney disease. He tells us about new treatment intervention of kidney diseases.
Program ends with note of thanks and shield presented to guest by Vice Chancellor, RMU.


Date: 31st Oct 2018                                                                            

Time: 08:30am to 10:00am
Guest:             PROF. AMJAD PERVAIZ FRCS, Director of Laparoscopic European Academy of Robotic Colorectal Surgery. Head of Laparoscopic and robotic colorectal surgery champalimund foundation, Lisbon Portugal. Poole General Hospital, Poole United Kingdom.
Topic:              Competence Based Laparoscopic GI Surgery Program       
Venue:                        CPC HALL, NEW TEACHING BLOCK, NTB, RMU       
Program started with arrival of Prof Dr.Muhammad Idrees Anwer along with respected guest and faculty members. Recitation of Holy Quran followed by introductory lecture by Prof. Dr. Muhammad Idrees Anwer. Respected guest give a highly informative and productive lecture on colorectal surgery.  Shield presented to respected guest by Vice Chancellor Prof. Muhammad Umar. Departure of Respected Guest.