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Faculty Development Program:
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Department of Medical Education arranges various workshops for training of faculty members under faculty development program of Rawalpindi Medical University
Problem Based Learning:
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Keeping in view the urgency of modernizing our medical education that not only excels In quality but also results in attainment of all the aims of medical teaching, Rawalpindi Medical University initiated problem based learning techniques in first and second year MBBS classes since (2007-2008). There are 22 PBL rooms which are specially constructed for PBL classes. 22 Groups of students attend these PBL session at a time. In clinical years the process of initiating PBL is under consideration.

Continuing Medical Education

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The Faculty of Rawalpindi Medical University realizes that medical education is an ongoing process, which is by no means completed at the end of five years of formal training. The continuing of knowledge and skills is the requirement to strive in this ever-changing world of continuous research and development.

Rawalpindi Medical University has an active and rich program for continued professional development. This includes a weekly Clinico-pathological Conference (CPC), involving case presentations by all the specialties in turn, to a full house of faculty members and final year students. This is followed by a lively discussion.

In addition, workshops for health professionals, in collaboration with District Health Development centers and International age ncies , for Mental Health and Mother & Child Health are a regular feature.

Developmental seminars take place in different disciplines.

Postgraduate courses in Ophthalmology, Psychiatry, and Surgery take place on a quartery and biennial basis respectively.

Department of Medical Education also offers workshops in Medical Education for the Continued Professional Development of its faculty, conducted by well-trained trainers.

Various national & international conferences are also organized periodically, in collaboration with Pakistan Medical Association (PMA). APPNA, RMCANNA, and other professional organizations for the RMU faculty

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