Center for Health Communication (CHC)

Vision & Mission

The vision & mission of (CHTP & CHC – RMU) is based on the philosophy of shifting the notion of “healthcare for the people” to the “healthcare by the people” by empowering individuals & families with information and skills which they need to behave appropriate in all matters pertinent to their own, family & communal health.
We dream to transform people of Rawalpindi through behavior change communications & other health promoting public health interventions into a community which would be healthier, health-literate, having health prone attitude & right behaviors by year 2029.
This initiative intends to combine university intellect and community strengths under a consequential mechanism for a visible health gain by the people of Rawalpindi. CHC aspires to be highest resource for community health promotion as a part of medical university in the region and over the country.
Health development through behavior change communication. Rawalpindi Medical University Communication for health awareness program was established (2018) to involve potential areas of the subject of community medicine & public health, strengths of the subject faculty, and medical students in the public health practices beyond the campus & conventional limits in the service of the community living in close vicinity of the un

 Health message development to dissemination: under concept of “0ne-hundrad community touch-points”-project. (100CTP-Project)

Translational Model of Behavior Change


Community involvement
Partnership for Health
Resource Partners
Political Leadership
Educational Institutions of the Area Govt Private
Department of Community
Social Workers / Community Groups
NGOs in the Area Community Groups
Gynae & Obstetrics RMU 2. Healthcare delivery
Professional Groupsin the Area like Barbers-, Food-sellers-, hotels-,Medical Stores Unionsoffice etc in the Area.. Trade Unions or
2. Municipal Corporation
NGOs in the area
Target community
Who will deliver
Priority work
Who will do
Potential groups like
Faculty of CM & PH
School teachers & senior students
Medical students surveys
Health education
Health risk professions health risk