RMC | Mentorship Dinner


The former students or graduates of any institutes or college are called alumni.
The graduates of Rawalpindi Medical College are called RMC alumni.
So far there are 8745 graduates have been passed out from Rawalpindi Medical College.
These are contributing for welfare of RMC & Allied Hospitals, Rawalpindi.
RMC alumni are
1. National
2. International
So far there is five RMC alumni’s working world widely, contributing for improvement of education through conducting regular workshops, seminars, symposiums and conferences.
They are also encouraging and facilitating students for international and national elective.
They are highly contributing for improvement of health care delivery system at primary, secondary and tertiary level, by their vision and contribution in sort of donations and raising funds is highly commendable.


To view the photo gallary and the location of National & International Alumni please click below