RMC | Admission & Procedures


Rawalpindi Medical University is an equal opportunity institution and students are offered admission predominantly on the basis of open-merit. In addition to the students from Pakistan, students from a number of Middle Eastern, Far Eastern and Western countries also seek admission to the University. Students on open reserved seats are admitted to 1st Year MBBS class each year as per Government Policy laid down in the prospectus of Government Medical & Dental Colleges of Punjab.

Location of the  University :

Located in the heart of the city on Tipu Road, off the main artery of Rawalpindi, Murree Road, the University is easily accessible, even by public transport. Islamabad International Airport and Rawalpindi Railway Station are equidistant from the University (2 km).

Student Affairs Section:

The whole process of admission to the University is under the charge of Students Affairs Section. This department is housed in the Tipu Road Campus of Rawalpindi Medical University. For any information and support, you are directed to contact this office, and you will be guided according to your needs and the information required.


You are required to contact the In charge Students Section with your complete set of documents as specified in the call letter. He would scrutinize your documents for the admissions process. This person would be responsible for all your original documents throughout your period of stay in the University.

In charge Student Section:

Mr. Usman Jafar

Phone: 9290755, Ext: 323

Student Clerk 1st & 2nd year (Old Campus):

Mr. Muhammad Nisar

Student Clerk 3rd, 4th & Final year (NTB): 

Mr. Umair Nazir (3rd Year)

Mr. Usman Jafar (4th Year)

Mr. Danish Siddique (Final Year)

Medical Examination Board:

After the scrutiny of the documents, the in charge student section would direct you to the Medical Examination Board for physical & psychological fitness. The board would examine students in the Latif Auditorium located in the Tipu Road Campus. The candidate must be physically and mentally fit according to the criteria of fitness/disability set down by the Admission Board. The dates for the medical exam can be obtained from the Student Section.

Fees & Dues:

For paying University fees and dues, you are required to contact the Cashier from the Student Section, who will provide you with Challan form for deposit of fees. You are directed to pay all dues within the specified time to avoid any future problems/ inconveniences. The fee structure is mentioned in the UHS prospectus, which may also be downloaded from the RMU website. It is a binding obligation to be honoured by the students and their parents to pay any fees/dues standing against the student, well in time.


Mr. Abdul Qayyum

Phone: 9290755, Ext: 308


The bank associated with RMU is National Bank of Pakistan, Medical University Branch, Tipu Road, Rawalpindi. It is located just across the road from the main gate of the Tipu Road Campus.

Student Identification Card:

The University has central computerized database & registration system for the students. Identification is to be worn by the students on their person at all times during the University hours. You are directed to get your identification cards made by contacting in charge Student Identification Card: Mr. Farooq Ahmad Khan (Phone: 051-5952012) He may be found in the IT Secretariat, on first floor near library. There is no charge for getting the card made the first time. In case of loss/ damage, the students shall have to pay an additional fee of Rs. 300/- on Bank Challan Form, with a written application, to get a 


Physical and Mental Health Assessment of Medical Students:

Students undergo complete Physical and Mental health checkup prior to admission to RMU. Vaccination status of the students is also checked. This assessment does not affect admission status of students in University. This information is for our knowledge so that we can pursue any problem later on.

Examination policy for Medical Students:

Pre-requisites to send admissions to the University to appear in professional examinations


It should not be less than 75%.

Internal assessment

The formula for internal assessment in the light of UHS guidelines is: Marks obtained by student in home tests (throughout the year) X 20 Total marks of home tests (throughout the year)

Send-up Examination

Marks of Sendup Examination should not be less than 50%

Dress code for Medical Students:

Although there is no uniform for the students at RMU, it is required of the students to wear modest clothes, with White Coat having Universityinsignia and ID card, at all times. The white coat should be full sleeved for 1st & 2nd year and three quarter sleeved for 3rd, 4th & final Year MBBS students as they work with patients in hospitals.

For Boys:

Dress Allowed: 

        Dress Sjort/Collar T-Shirt, Dress pants and Jeans, National/ Formal Dress, Jacket, Dress Shoes and Joggers

Dress Not Allowed: 

        T-Shirts without Collar, Torn Jeans/ pants, Trousers, Bathroom Slippers/ Loose Shoes, Shawls

For Girls: 


        Shalwar, Dopatta/ Shawls, Flat Pumps

Dress Not Allowed:   

        Sleeveless or any other type of revealing dress, Expensive Jewellery  

Disciplinary Policy and Punishments:

The Rawalpindi Medical Universityfollows the same rules and regulations as specified by the Punjab Government. These can be found in the UHS prospectus, the RMU Website or the student section. The students are directed to follow these strictly, as some serious offences may even result in the expulsion of the student from the University.
Ragging is strictly prohibited and the students taking part in it will be severely punished