RMC | Prospectus



Medicine and Dentistry are the noblest of professions and attract the most brilliant students. These students demand a system of selection that is duly probing, robust and fair. University of Health Sciences Lahore has tried to make the process structured and transparent which is regularly reviewed to ensure that only suitable and capable candidates are admitted. The Government believes that all candidates should have an equal opportunity to show their suitability for the undergraduate course and entry to the medical or dental profession based on the principles of Merit, Justice, Equity and Transparency.

Students joining medical and dental institutions are ready to accept the challenges that 21st century has brought to and will continue to bring to medicine. It is an exciting time for undergraduate medical and dental education, and the passions, beliefs and enthusiasm of those who will embark on a satisfying and challenging career are well placed to positively influence and advance the undergraduate learning environment in our institutions.

If you enjoy helping people Medicine and Dentistry are the most rewarding careers you can choose. As a doctor you will be involved in diagnosing and treating illness and providing advice and reassurance to your patients. It requires an enquiring mind, the capacity to acquire and maintain high levels of knowledge and the ability to relate to individuals each with their own health needs.

Students, therefore, should be aware of hard work ahead of them as they enter medical and dental colleges. However, from the Entrance Test to graduation they must feel confident that University of Health Sciences policies are fair, transparent and equitable.

The Prospectus has been designed to facilitate the students seeking admission to Government Medical and Dental Institutions of Punjab. It has been written in a simple language to give a better understanding of selection and admission process. Much of this document focuses on rules and regulations for selection and admission of candidates. Furthermore, it also outlines the courses of study and examination pattern for both MBBS and BDS students. This Prospectus is being issued with the approval of Government of Punjab.

Maj Gen (R) Prof Muhammad Aslam


Chairman Admission Board/Vice Chancellor

University of Health Sciences, Lahore