15/7/21 7:55 am BBH Round 1) General cleanliness poor 2) Toilet. Dirty ( Night team not working ) 3) corridor light fused 4) ICu bed not replaced 5) ICU lawn dirty 6) medical wards need paint 7) private taxi parked every where regards prof umar Vc

Visit of UNICEF team to Reseach Unit of RMU

3/7/21 Golf Course Orelando USA

My OPD clinic today 18/6/21 8;20 am

QRIC RMU meeting gave approval to Reseach Funding policy

Education &planning workshop participants This is part of RMU faculty Development Programg of residents by special efforts of Prof Muhammad Hanif

Worthy Vice Chancellor Professor Muhammad Umar inaugurated Surgical Skills lab at Surgical Unit, BBH today which has been established for teaching and training of residents by special efforts of Prof Muhammad Hanif

31/3/21 10 pm RIU Round

2/4/21 HFH COVID Counter 80 patients in last 24 hrs

29/3/21 11:30 am BBH Round

30/3/21 9 am RIUT Round

6th March 2021 Board of Faculy of Medicine RMU Meeting to approve University Residency Program

29/3/21 8:40 am DHQ Round Observations 1) COVID Ward need more ventilation & lights in corridor 2) dengue counter functional 3) Civil work need to be fasten , pl write letter to SE & arrange meeting with me also 4) Lawns are dirty 5) Fans & ACs need Service regards prof umar.

2"TWIN CITY UNIVERSITIES BREAST CANCER AWARENESS AND SCREENING FORUM" Online interactive session with faculty of ALLAMA IQBAL OPEN UNIVERSITY (AIOU). Vice chancellors of Quaid-e-Azam University, Allama Iqbal open university, Tamir-i-Millat University, Fatima Jinnah Women University and Rawalpindi Medical University also joined session and gave their valuable comments.

28/3/21 1:00 pm RMU team work 24/7 Foreign experts on sports & International Coordinator Dr Nadeem Afraz site visit of RMU sport complex on Sunday

Deans meeting RMU

Prof Mohammad Umar Vice Chancellor getting Vaccination for COVID 19 Third Surge of COVID 19 is increasing please get Vaccinated at earliest

13/3/21 Alhamadolillah work started on RMU sport complex

Research project meeting of Dirctor ORIC prof Asad & Turkish prof on Recenerative Medicine / Stem cell Transplant With RMU

4/3/21 New initiative by RMU : Improving /Upgrading Nursing Training program ; in Rawalpindi Division under the direction of worthy Minister Health A meeting was chaired by Prof mohammad Umar VC attended by principal CON DHQ RWP , Attock , Jehlum & Chakwal in RMU. A committee is formulated to coordinate 1) up gradation of Infrastructure
2) Curriculum review
3) Faculty sharing
4) Standard PC 1 ? This will boost the Health Care Delivery System in RWP Division RMU is also submitting a PC1 of upgrading CON HolyFamily Hospital to Institute Of Nursing & affiliate other nursing institutions regards prof Umar

Inauguration of Research Cell in RMU &Vision 2021

28/12/20 8:20 am RIU Round

24/12/20 RMU development 24/7

21/12/20 9:30 am RMU office

21/12/20 9:05 am DHQ Round

21/12/20 8:20 am RIUT Round

2nd RMU Faculty Research Conference 2020

12/12/20 9 am HFH COVID Ward Round

11/12/20 8 pm RIUT Night Round
Observations 1) Staff present 2) Cleanliness good 3) Nursing notes need improvement 4)Gastro PGT notes poor 5) Nursing area false ceiling need to be changed 6). Attendant area need chairs & separate stairs regards prof umar Vc

Winter in RMU

Prof Muhammad Umar for starting this global e learning. It was a very good and high class presentation by Prof David. Congratulations to whole team Prof Jahangir Sarwar , Dr Javairia , Dr. Ahmed Hasan and whole team. It is a great to see 13 universities on one platform.

7/12/20 9:10 am DHQ Round : 1) OT table base & other table not painted inspite of three reminders 2) Strechers dirty 3) Defibrillator dirt stained 4) Construction work at slow pace regards prof umar Vc

7/12/20 9:30 pm RIU night Round

Pro VC people university Nawabshah Sindh & team signing MOU between two universities to share the university Residency programs & Reseach Collaboration

1/12/29 8:45 am RIUT morning round

28/11/20 11:30 am Meeting of DCO & VC RMU & Red Crescent Admin to activate hospital for COVID patients

3rd CHPE course participants from different colleges with VC RMU

28/11/20 8:25 am RIUT morning Round 72 patients 7 vents 9 CPAP 38 O2 Oxygen supply fragile ? Regard Prof Umar

28/11/20 9:20 am DHQ Round Observations 1) ER need paint 2) Dialysis room need paint 3) Strechers dirty 4) All staff presents regards prof uma

27/11/20 8:25 am RIU Round 80 patients admitted 7 vents , 9 CPAP , 32 O2 remaining High Risk regards prof umar

26/11/20 9:15 am DHQ Round Observations 1) Seepage in Dialysis Ward 2) Minor OT dirty buckets 3) OT table need paint 4) Reno vation work slow 5) All staff present & working efficiently regards prof umar

25/11/20 8:30 am RIU Morning Round

On World mental Health Day Prof Mohammad Umar VC RMU & county Head of WHO Dr Maleha in Rawalpindi Medical University

Health minister Punjab Prof Yasmin Rashid visiting Rawalpindi Institute of Urology alongwith VC - RMU Prof Mohammad Umar

Prof Mohammad Umar VC RMU & others professor in certificate distribution ceremony for Primary physicians in RMU

Prof Mohammad Umar VC addressing conference of Pakistan Society of Medicine at Muzaffarabad

23/11/20 Meeting of All MSs, Medicine Department Heads ,ICU & Anesthesia to monitor Covid patients care in RMU Allied Hospitals

23/11/20 8:15 am RIU Round Observations
1) No of patients increasing 3 Vent 4 cpap 32 o2 8 room air
2) O2 storage capacity increased 1-1/2 times Still need more as patients increasing
3) Holding meeting today regards prof umar VC

20/11/20 12:30 pm DCO RWP & VC RMU in meeting to see the Arrangment of COVID patients in RIUT

19/11/20 VC prof Mohammad Umar chairing meeting to review the Arrangements of COVID patients care in RMU & Allied Hospitals attended by MS HFH , BBH & RIU

Great team work please do round CMO triage with some evidence , Sop’s of Bedding with evidence , Nursing notes evidence , nursing teaching , evidence , Lab reports, X-ray ,Ct scan , Crowd control with evidence , SR notes evidence , Attendant satisfaction evidence , Attendant sitting area Arrangement evidence , Nurse Incharge report Shift wise , Especially consultant round reports ,Security personals duty , deaths Pl follow the complete Format otherwise not much beneficial

AoA dear all,

My COVID-19 test has come back positive. I have isolated myself at home & am stable, Alhamdulillah. We have defeated the first surge of COVID in Rawalpindi with the blessings of Almighty Allah with endless efforts of so many doctors, staff and team work. We are ready again 2nd time with the best team. There is No “i” in team, and even though I will be away for few days, but will continue to work online with our team, InshaAllah. Our dedicated team will continue to work hard & fight the 2nd surge of COVID. Stay blessed and Thank you for your kind prayers and wishes !

Prof Muhammad Umar

16/11/20 9:30 am Active procedural work at CLD by Gastro Team defeating COVID

16/11/20 Alhamadolillah , Allah SWT blessings & Prayers First Post COVID Recovery Day with First Line Soldier’s of RMU Allied Hospitals