Rawalpindi Medical University provides the opportunity of various scholarships for its students. These scholarships are arranged by various resources and societies and help students to fulfill their economical needs and to continue their studies uninterrupted. There is a scholarship committee of the college which is responsible for conducting interviews and scrutinizing the students fulfilling the criteria for the grant of scholarships.



Name of Donor

No. of scholarships



Ehsaas undergraduate scholarship

According to prospectus use for poor students

10000/- 15000/-


Fee Concession (only tuition Fee)

10% of each class passed students on the basis of Annual University Examination

Full Rs.15,000/- & Half Rs.7,500/-


Dr. Aamir Ayub, U.K

05 students every year Decide by the Scholarship Committee

College, Hostel Fee & Mess Charges


Farogh-e-Islam Foundation

From the Profit of NIT Units- Decide by the Scholarship Committee

Rs.9,000/- each student per annum


Hakeem Muhammad Saeed Scholarship

02- scholarship every year Decide by the Scholarship Committee

Rs.25,000/-p.a. for Boarder & Rs.12,500/-p.a. for non-boarder


Director Public Instructions (College) Punjab, Lahore.

Merit Scholarship on the basis of F.Sc Merit from Punjab Boards

Rs.35,000/-per year



Punjab Educational Endowment Fund



Merit Scholarship (According to Prospectus)

02 scholarships for each class 1st & 2nd position.



Pakistan Bait-ul-Mall Scholarship

Applications sent to Pakistan Bail-ul-Mall

College & Hostel Fee


District Zakat Committee

MORA (Zakat Scholarship)



Federal Board

Merit Scholarships

9000/- & 12000/- p.a.


Children of Punjab Govt. Employees

Benevolent Fund



Children of Federal Govt. Employees

Staff Welfare Organization



Children of Retired Defense Person

Fauji Foundation

6000/- 9000/- & 12000/- p.a.


Children of Federal Govt. Teachers

National Education Foundation



College Benevolent Fund

According to prospectus use for Poor Students



National Bank of Pakistan

Students Loan Scheme (interest free)

College, Hostel, Mess, Stationary etc.


Pakistan Medical Association

03 students

College Fee



03 students

College, Hostel Fee



03 students

College, Hostel Fee


Fee Concession (only tuition Fee)

10% of each class passed students on the basis of Annual University Examination

Full Rs.15,000/- & Half Rs.7,500/-

  2. The following merit scholarships are sanctioned by the Punjab Government for students in each medical college,

Two scholarships for second year M.B.B.S students

Two scholarships for third year M.B.B.S students

Two scholarships for fourth year M.B.B.S students

Two scholarships for final year M.B.B.S students

The scholarships for the second year students will be awarded by the Principal on the result of the first year promotion examination. Scholarship to third, fourth and final year students will be awarded by the Principal on the basis of result of First, Second and Third Professional examinations respectively. Each scholarship will be tenable for one year only except for final year students who will receive annual amount of Rs. 4500/- (non-boarder)/ Rs. 9000/- (boarder) during their stay in final year till the final professional examination.

  1. The grant of these scholarship will be dependent on the students general conduct and assiduity. Absence from or failure in professional or class examination, breach of discipline, neglect of duties or reprehensible conduct etc. may entail stoppage of scholarship at the discretion of authorities for such period as may be notified by the Principal.
  2. All students on the rolls of the college whether they are or not in receipt of scholarships from the Education Department, Countess of Dufferin Fund, Local Bodies, Bhahwalpur, NWFP and Azad Jummu & Kashmir States, outside the province and administration are eligible to compete for these scholarships. In the case of scholarships awarded by the Education Department or the Countess of Dufferin Fund, the previous sanction of the authority concerned will not be required but in the case of other scholarships the previous sanction of the Local Body, or the administration concerned shall be obtained by the students before competing for the college merit scholarships.

These scholarships will be awarded on the following terms and conditions:-

i). The students who secure admission in a medical college and income of whose parents or guardian is less than Rs. 15000/- per annum will be eligible for the award of scholarships.

ii). The scholarship awarded will be for the period of 5 years subject to satisfactory work and conduct of the student during the whole course.

iii). Each scholarship holder shall give a surety bond to serve the Government for a period of five years after graduation. The Instructions for filling the surety bond can be had from the office of the Principal concerned.

Those declining to serve, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the surety bond and agreement shall be required to pay a penalty of Rs. Ten thousand and shall refund the whole amount in lump sum. If the government is not able to provide a post of Medical Officer for the specified period, as laid down in the surety bond and the agreement, the stipendiary will not be liable to any penalty or any other charge. The stipendiaries shall be liable to serve anywhere in Punjab. If any stipendiary is offered a house job on merit basis, he/she would be entitled to accept the same under intimation to the Director General Health, Punjab but would take up the Government service immediately on the expiry of the house job.

iv). Out of the annual value of scholarship i.e. Rs. 1,000.00 a sum of Rs. 400/- will be refundable in easy installments. Prescribed application forms and any further information in this connection can be had from Principal’s office.

v). The recovery of 40% dues refundable shall be made by the Director, Health Services/Head of Special Institutions.

vi). The Indigent Scholarship not used by any medical college in Punjab will be transferable to another medical college on a request to the Health Department. The Principal of a college will intimate the Health Department of the amount of indigent scholarships that has not been used well in time so that the other colleges may be informed.


Local Bodies Scholarships of varying value in the college are paid through the Principal from the funds of Local Bodies of Punjab. Rawalpindi