For those students who have come from other cities to study at Rawalpindi Medical College may avail the hostel facilities provided by the college.

There are 4 hostels currently available to the students for boarding purposes.

  1. Boys Hostel: College Premises  near the Latif Auditorium, Old Teaching Block
  2. Boys Hostel: Satellite Town  6 km from the Old Teaching Block.
  3. Girls Hostel: RMC Staff Colony 2 km from the Old Teaching Block

Detail of Hostels Accommodation

Hostel No

Residential Students Male/Female

No f Room Occupancy

Accommodation Capacity

Boy Hostel No1


72 x 3= 216

10 x 01=10


Boys Hostel No 02


78 x 01=78

10 x 02=36

07 x 03=21


Girl Hostel


362 x 01=362

16 x 03=48


The hostel clerk may be contacted, if you wish to avail this opportunity. He will give you the printed application form and will also guide you about the payment modalities. The allotment of rooms is subject to availability and on first come first serve basis.

Applications for Hostel Admission shall be submitted to the office of Warden Boys/ Girls Hostel. In case of approval of Hostel admission, the candidates are required to pay, within seven days of the approval, prescribed fees on prescribed payment form.

Failure in payment of fees may result in the cancellation of Hostel Admission. In exceptional circumstances, Warden is empowered to extend the time for payment of Hostel fees up to four weeks. After payment of fees, the resident shall have to sign the terms of allotment describing the Hostel rules and regulation. Following which the resident can occupy the seat allotted to him/ her. Messing and other amenities in the hostels may be availed on payment. Strict rules and regulations apply for residence in the hostel and students are directed to get a copy of these from the hostel clerk at the time of allotment.