The hospital is situated on the ever-busy Murree Road. It houses besides all the other clinical departments of Medicine, Surgery, Eye, ENT, Pediatrics, Gynecology & obstetrics, Orthopedics, Urology and dermatology. The institute of Psychiatry has the distinction of being the first regional center of WHO for mental health training and research besides being the PMRC research center on mental health. In this capacity it is responsible for providing training, manpower and service development, policy support and consultancy services to 27 countries of the Eastern Mediterranean region of WHO and beyond. The institute has academic linkages with the University of Manchester, London, Bristol in UK and Tribhuvan University of Nepal. The Institute has trained people from Egypt, Iran, Sudan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Palestine, Morocco, Tunisia, Nepal and Palestine.

Psychiatry Department BBH

Institute of Psychiatry is a collaborative center for PMRC in addition to being a World Health organization Collaborative Center for mental Health. This unit is responsible for initiating the project on Integration of Mental health in Primary Health-care by the Federal Government. Institute of Psychiatry has a special research cell for inculcating research spirit in the students. This research cell is working in collaboration with the British Council, Pakistan. There is cash prize annually for the best young researchers.


Intensive Care Unit (ICU) BBH

ICU in Benazir Bhuto Hospital has been recently constructed with high quality equipment to provide intensive care to critical patients the nursing staff and doctors in this ICU have also been trained to use this sophisticated equipment efficiently and effectively. This infrastructure providing high quality patient care


Renal Transplant Center BBH

A renal transplant centre has been established in Benazir Bhutto hospital recently and ceremony was held to formally inaugurate the Renal Transplant Program at the BBH on Tuesday, September 10, 2013. Chairman Board of Management Rawalpindi Medical College and Allied Hospitals Dr. Mohammad Aslam and Principal Rawalpindi Medical College Dr. Mohammad Umar inaugurated the program at the Urology Department of the hospital. Professor Mumtaz Chief Urology did first Renal Transplant in BBH 2013.


Cafeteria For Doctors BBH

Cafeteria Exclusively for Doctors has been completed and had started working in October 2013 with donation by Chairman Board of Management. This cafeteria provides good quality food, cold drinks & tea for the doctors working at BBH.


Accident & Emergency BBH

Emergency department of Benazir Bhuto hospital has been working day & night to deal with patients arriving here. For the working of any department many factors are involved. Among these infrastructure is very important. Some renovation has also been done with the cost of six million in this department which a briefly mentioned below:

·       Tile work has been done at the cost of Rs. 6.00 (Million).

·       Equipment has been purchased for the treatment room of A&E Department i.e. Mobile Operation Lights 02, Universal Operation Tables 02, ECG Machine, Instrument Trolleys, and Office Furniture etc.


Pediatrics OPD, BBH

Out patient department of pediatrics at Benazir Bhutto hospital has also underwent renovations including:

·      Distempering / Painting of Pediatric Block has been done.

·      Philanthropists were involved in the development of waiting are for pediatric ward.


Gynecology & Obstetrics Unit, BBH

The Gynecology & obstetrics unit of Benazir Bhuto Hospital shares a major load of gyne & Obs patients of Rawalpindi city.

·      Previously Gynae ward was working at the first floor in the main hospital building. Gynae ward is successfully shifted to ground floor and is having a graceful look.

·      Donations have been received from helping hand for the Gynae Ward including Ultrasound machine

·      Development / Rehabilitation of Labour Room & Operation Theatre of Gynae & Obstetric Department has been done at the cost of Rs. 3.7 (Million) (Funded by Dr. Muhammad Aslam, Chairman BOM).