Post RN/ BSc Nursing
The Post RN BSc Nursing program is a 2 years program designed to give experienced, registered nurses an opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge and skills needed to practice nursing care as clinically competent professional nurses. Graduates will be able to provide leadership and influence the development of the nursing profession in Pakistan. 
Upon completion of the program, nurses are able to utilize critical thinking in providing holistic nursing care and play a role as change agents in nursing practice and education in any health care setting. Nurses may enroll as full-time or part-time students. 

Eligibility Criteria

o   Human Resource and venue for taking Entry Test would be facilitated by Post Graduate College of Nursing (PGCN), Lahore. The University of the Health Sciences, Lahore will prepare MCQ papers; process examination and declare results under the supervision of Health Department.

o   05 marks for extra professional qualification 25 marks for General Nursing Diploma (25 marks for 1st Division and 15 for 2nd Division) 20 marks for Midwifery Diploma (20marks for 1st Division and 15 for 2nd Division) 10 marks for Professional Experience (1 mark per year, maximum 10 marks)

Note: Entry test marks hold 40% weightage to the total marks and will be conducted under the supervision of Health Department. 

Admission Procedure

o   The admission will be conducted once a year; advertisement will be given by PGCN, preferably in September in all leading national newspapers for entry test, which will be followed by an interview.

o   The nursing officers who are regular employees of Government of the Punjab, Health Department are eligible to apply for Post RN BSc Nursing after fulfilment of above mentioned criteria.

o   The employees having minimum of 3 years regular service on their credit will be eligible for the admission.

o   The employees who have already availed any placement inside and outside the country will have minimum 3 years regular service after availing the placement.

o   NOC from Health Department through proper channel is mandatory for in-service candidates. No application for NOC will be entertained if submitted directly.

o   After making the final selection, list of the successful candidates will be forwarded to the Health Department for further processing.

o   The commencement of the class will be from 1st January.

Specialized Courses 
Following is the list of the courses offered at nursing schools:

o   Ward Management

o   Nursing Education

o   Coronary Care Nursing

o   Accident and Emergency

o   Pediatric Nursing

o   Ophthalmic Nursing

o   Neuroscience

o   Psychiatric Nursing

Selection Criteria

o   Aggregate Marks: 50 % in General Nursing and Midwifery

o   Experience: 01 mark for each year (up to 10 marks)

o   Extra Professional Qualification (any specialization / BSc (N) / Post graduation)

o   Distinction in General Nursing and Midwifery awarded by Nursing Examination Board